12 Signs Your Home Business Needs to Hire Its First Employee

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If you run a home business but it feels more like your business is running you into the ground, you might need to hire some help. Not sure about that? Here are the tell-tale signs I’m right and you need an employee.

  1. 24 Hours Isn’t Enough

You used to think 24 hours in a day was plenty until your business took off. Now, you find yourself wishing for a time machine or at least a pause button. If your to-do list is becoming a never-ending scroll, it’s time to delegate. Bringing on help can turn those 24 hours into productive, and maybe even relaxing, time again. So, look into part time vs full time hours for employees, work out how often you will need someone, and get the ball rolling!

  1. Customer Complaints are Creeping Up

Remember when you knew every customer by name, their kids, and their dogs? Those were simpler times. Now, if customer emails sit unanswered longer than your last vacation, and complaints are piling up, you need backup. A new hire can handle customer relations, ensuring everyone feels heard and valued.

  1. Your Living Room Looks Like a Warehouse

If navigating your living room feels more like an episode of ‘American Ninja Warrior’ because of all the inventory, it’s time to think about logistics support. Hiring someone to manage inventory could transform your living room back into a living space, not a storage unit.

  1. You’ve Forgotten What ‘Weekend’ Means

If the concept of a ‘weekend’ sounds as mythical as a unicorn, it’s a red flag. Constantly working without a break isn’t sustainable. An employee can take some load off your shoulders, giving you a chance to recharge, which is crucial for maintaining your creativity and drive.

  1. Your Family Forgot What You Look Like

When your kids start greeting the mailman with hugs and you with puzzled looks, it might be a sign you’re a bit too tucked away in your home office. Hiring help can ensure your business runs smoothly while you run family movie night.

  1. Growth Feels Like a Pipe Dream

Every entrepreneur dreams of growth, but if the thought of taking on one more client makes you panic, you’re at capacity. An employee can help scale your operations, allowing your business to grow without breaking your spirit.

  1. You Mistake Your Reflection for a Customer

Spending too much time alone can have you conversing with reflections and shadows. If you start mistaking your reflection for a customer, it’s definitely time to hire. Interacting with an employee can keep you connected to the human race.

  1. Your Health is on the Back Burner

If your last meal was coffee and your exercise routine involves sprinting to answer the phone, your health may be taking a backseat. Hiring help can free up time to invest in your well-being—because you need to be healthy to run a healthy business.

  1. Opportunities Slip Through Your Fingers

Missed opportunities can be the most expensive cost of running a one-person show. If you’re too busy to respond to potential leads or can’t manage larger projects, an employee can help you capitalize on these opportunities before they slip away.

  1. Sleep is a Memory

If a full night’s sleep feels as elusive as a fairy tale, and you’re substituting rest with caffeine, it’s a clear signal you need help. Chronic sleep deprivation isn’t just bad for health—it can lead to costly mistakes and lackluster decision-making. An extra pair of hands could mean the difference between burning out and being on fire (in a good way).

  1. You’re a Jack (or Jill) of All Trades

If you’re handling tasks that aren’t in your wheelhouse—like accounting horrors or tech tremors—it might be time to hire. An employee with specific skills can manage these areas more efficiently, letting you focus on what you do best.

  1. Social Media Ghost Town

Is your last social media post older than the milk in your fridge? When marketing takes a backseat, your visibility and engagement can plummet. Hiring someone to take charge of your social media can keep your business relevant and resonant with your audience.

Hiring your first employee is a big step for any home business, but it will definitely make your life so much easier, an help you to bring in more profits too. So, if you’ve spotted most of these signs, and you are in a position to do so, it’s time to place an ad and find your first ever employee.

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