The Best Organic Clothes for Children

Organic Kids Clothes

When it comes to buying clothes there’s no shortage of amazing clothes you can buy, from basics to party outfits. But when we buy them, do we prioritize style over the substance that they are made with? Should we not think of doing better for our kids?

Great for Your Baby

When buying for your baby, comfort is always the first thing you think about. Organic cottons are hand picked making the fibers way more robust, is gentler than machine picked stuff and softer as a result. Organic cotton is also hypoallergenic and isn’t coated in nasty chemicals like synthetic pesticides. Just think about how often socks and other types of clothing end up in your baby’s mouth, yuck!

Great for the Environment

As much as we don’t want our children to have access to these harmful chemicals, we don’t want it damaging the planet either. Non-organic textile farmers use pesticides that kill soil and contaminate water.

Less Harmful to the Workers

Apparently 77 million workers suffer from pesticide poisoning every year. If we all bought organic, we wouldn’t have to put them through that anymore. Organic cotton is grown as part of a natural process that keeps the Earth healthy and enriched, not desolate after a round of aggressive harvesting. Organic doesn’t just benefit the environment, but it lets farmers re-use the land for growing food and other crops.

When you want to buy clothes for your kids, these are just some of the reasons you definitely need to check out organic only.


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