4 Ways To Help Yourself As A Working Mom

Working moms are now really common. Some of them even run small businesses from home while raising small children which is just amazing. Women now account for half of any workforce which means that they need to find ways to have a good work-life balance. If they are working from home working on a self-employed basis, it can be even harder to get the balance right and look after themselves properly.

 Let’s have a look at some of the ways working moms can make sure they are looking after their health as well as their work. 

Take The Stress Out Of Work 

That may be easier said than done, however, it is something that helps you to look after your mind and stress levels, especially if you work from home or run your own business. Simply making sure your business is protected with things like insurance, a high risk payment processor, or your wages are Covered by self-employed insurance can mean you feel less stressed and you can focus your mind better on self-care and your family. 

Make Time For Yourself To Rest 

Making sure you have the right amount of sleep is extremely important when you are a working mom. Not only do you have the responsibility of looking after a family at home but you also need to have the energy to focus on your work. This can be tiring and if you are doing it on little sleep it can quickly lead to burnout. Create a bedtime routine that will help you to relax and get ready for sleep that you can stick to each night. Try putting your phone down and turning the TV off an hour before you want to sleep to help relax your mind. 

Get In Some Exercise 

Ok, so your list is probably already as long as your arm, however, exercise is an important part of your health and self-care. It not only helps to keep your body working as it should but it helps you to get endorphins and feel great in yourself. Even if it is a short walk at lunch time make sure you get some movement into your day. Try to make it around 30 minutes of your day. You could split it into 2 sessions and go for a 15-minute walk at lunch and do a quick 15 minutes of pilates at home. 

Set Realistic Goals 

Yes, you are running a family and working which means you have high expectations of yourself, however, don’t set yourself unreachable goals. It can make you feel anxious and overloaded. Instead set goals that are reasonable and realistic. You’re not going to be able to complete everything at once so try doing smaller goals towards a larger goal. It will help with morale and help to keep stress levels down. 

These are some great ways to help look after yourself as a working mom. Do you have any other tips that help you? We’d love to hear about them.

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