Advice For Teaching Your Child How To Make Friends

Not all people, and certainly not all children, are natural social butterflies. That’s more than okay. You don’t need to be the talk of the town to live a happy life filled with love. Popularity is often ephemeral and doesn’t really matter. Also, one close friend is better than twenty acquaintances you kind of know but don’t really care about.

So, when teaching our children to develop friendships and become friends with people in their peer group, it’s good to let the natural course have its way. That being said, there are a few personality traits and caring approaches you can take to help your little one become more likely to make friends, even if they’re shy.

In this post, we’ll discuss a few tips that will help them get closer to that lovely experience. But of course, don’t worry. If it takes a little time, that doesn’t mean you’re a terrible parent or your child is insufficient. These things happen. Let’s consider how to be a little more proactive, but without worry:

Teach Them To Share

The act of sharing toys, belongings, and time teaches a child that not everything is about them, but the group their part of, and that’s a fundamental skill for making friends. It’s not that your child is going to be a diplomat in the future because of these lessons, but children who can share, who can enjoy the rules of a game, and who don’t take everything for themselves tend to become invited to play once more. This means they learn how to develop correctly. As such, it’s a vital skill. But also remember:

Teach Them To Stand Up For Themselves

Even if we’re good people who care for others, we tend to lose respect for people who are complete doormats. Often, this is learned in childhood. As such, teaching your child to stand up for themselves is important. That might involve teaching them how and when to say no, when to report misbehavior to their teachers, how to respond to bullying so as not to be a target, and how to remain confident in who they are. This is the lesson of a lifetime, but as parents helping our child trust themselves and develop a sense of well-being can be very helpful for making friends.

Curate Their Friends & Family Connections

Of course, not all friends are of the same quality. We learn this even in adulthood, where a long-term connection might be the worst for us. As a parent, looking to whom they connect with, making certain to encourage friendships with certain nice children, and allowing their families to come over and see how they act, this can all be a good place to start. It can also lead to lovely events, like planning a child’s birthday party with Lazer Port Fun Center – this leads to wonderful memories in childhood!

With this advice, you’ll be certain to teach your child how to make friends in the best way.

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