Can You Board A Dog In Heat?

Can You Board A Dog In Heat

Can You Board A Dog In Heat?

One of the biggest questions for doggy owners who have a female dog is can you board a dog in heat. 

Regular kennels generally do not allow dogs to be boarded in heat, as they cannot guarantee dogs will not get pregnant, or how the male dogs around will be affected by the scenting that your female dog leaves. This means that to avoid aggression, they will not generally accept females on heat, or that are due on heat.

However home boarding services across the US will take your dog when she is on heat, and will likely save you a lot of dollars along the way.


Home Boarding vs Kennels

When you’re thinking about can you board a dog in heat, you often have to look at other options than standard kennels because they may not allow them in. This is where you’ll come across home boarding. 

Home boarding allows someone with or without pets to board your pets whilst you go away, and they are generally on the books of agencies across the US. These agencies find and source many families to have your dog whilst you are away, and tailor the family to your dog. 

If you have a large dog, they can tailor this to a family who have experience with larger dogs, and who have a track record of handling the more energetic larger dogs too. They can also choose families who don’t currently have pets or don’t board multiple dogs at once, so your pupper won’t have a chance of becoming pregnant whilst you are away.

Agencies usually take a small fee from the boarder for being the middle man, however you can take the contact details of the boarder when you drop your dog off, and negotiate terms next time around. 

Home boarders will generally need you to provide dog food for your pupper, so make sure you choose the best food on the market for your breed which will also improve your dogs behavior whilst you are away.


Average Costs

The average kennel cost for your dog per week varies, but we have seen prices range from $400 to $600 per week for kennel services.

Dog boarding generally costs $50 per day depending on whether you’re in the city or further out, meaning you’ll be spending around $350 per week on your boarding. Can you board a dog in heat? Yet you can with a home boarder, at an affordable cost.


To Conclude

So there you have the answer to your question of can you board a dog in heat, yes you can. You may not be able to do it the conventional way in large kennels or training schools, but home boarding offers a cheaper and more flexible option for your boarding needs. 

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