4 Discussions You Need To Have With Your Teen

Mum and Teen Girl Hold Hands

When parents think about talking to their teen, the first thing that comes to their mind is the traditional bees and flowers discussion, the much-dreaded sex talk. In reality, most teens already hear everything they need to know about it at school.  While it doesn’t mean you can skip the sex talk, it isn’t the only discussion you need to have with your teen. As a parent, your ability to get through to your teenage child will be essential in […]

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The Best Sport for Children Under 12

The Best Sport for Children

The Best Sport for Children Under 12 Sport is a part of all of our lives and it’s an important step for your children too. Not only does their choice of sport help them grow into strong adults, but it also gives them career prospects in the sport too.    Choose a sport that will set your children up for success Below I will list the most popular sports in the US, what that sport can do for your child […]

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Hello Kitty Crochet Pattern: Step-by-Step Easy Guide

Hello Kitty Crochet Pattern

There’s no need to have an excuse to show your family how much you love them. Wouldn’t you like to give your child or granddaughter a special present this time? Something only you can make? Well… I believe this Hello Kitty crochet pattern is right for the job! The best gifts are the small details you give from the bottom of your heart… And this Hello Kitty crocheted stuffed toy (commonly known as Amigurumi in Japan) is a perfect match! […]

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Helping Your Child Move to College

Daughter Moving Away to College

Moving to a new city, new friends, leaving behind an old life is super difficult but is almost like a right of passage for some kids. With so much change going on you as the parent are probably stressed out, ready to pull your hair out and have so many worries when it comes to your child transitioning to college life. Even if they aren’t moving city, the prospect of your child transitioning to the ‘real world’ where they are […]

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Tips to Keep Your Children Safe In and Around Water

Kids Playing Near Water with Ball

With summer being just around the corner and your outdoor pool being prepared, it’s always key to remember how to keep your children safe around the water. It’s easy to shut off for half a second and your youngest has gotten too close to the edge, or if you have multiple kids it’s easy for them to get a little heated around the pool. It’s great to let your kids loose around the pool, let them have an amazing time […]

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Budget Friendly Ways Stressed Out Moms Can Treat Themselves

Mom Having Fun with Daughter

If you’re a busy mom, time is your most valuable asset. The only problem is, you don’t have any of it! After you’ve packed the kids up in the morning, spend the day working, collected the kids and done the whole evening routine there just isn’t any time left for yourself. The good news – there are plenty of budget friendly things you can do to pamper yourself! Check them out below and get rid of that stress for good! […]

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