4 Discussions You Need To Have With Your Teen

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When parents think about talking to their teen, the first thing that comes to their mind is the traditional bees and flowers discussion, the much-dreaded sex talk. In reality, most teens already hear everything they need to know about it at school. 

While it doesn’t mean you can skip the sex talk, it isn’t the only discussion you need to have with your teen. As a parent, your ability to get through to your teenage child will be essential in establishing and protecting your trust relationship during these years and for the many years to come. So, here are serious talks you and your teen need to have and how to approach them. 


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#1. The college talk

Helping your child move to college will be an emotional move. However, it is important to mention the topic long before they are ready to move. First of all, while going to college has become one of the most popular decisions for high school students, it isn’t the only option available to them. 

Not every child will thrive in college because it doesn’t suit every personality or career aspiration. It’s essential to find out what your teen wants to do in the future or where their skills would be best suited. Academic endeavors aren’t the only path to success. 


#2. The personal style talk

“Mom, I want a tattoo.”

How would you react if your teenage boy or girl came to you wanting a tattoo or a piercing? Most parents would be unsupportive at first. Indeed, decisions made in adolescence are more likely to be regretted later. So, it is important to explain to your child that their choice today may not be in their best interest tomorrow. Nevertheless, encourage them to research what they want in detail, such as for rook ear piercing more info here can be found on aftercare. Understanding the process and the aftercare means they are ready to take responsibility for their body choices. 


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#3. The relationship talk

The teenage years are the years for first discoveries, from first loves to first realizations. Your teen may come to you and want to talk about love. More often than not, they will not ask for advice. What they want is for you to know who they are and love them. 

So, perhaps your teen will reveal themselves as belonging to the LGBTQA+ community. Or perhaps, they are concerned because they don’t crave any love relationship with their peers. 


#4. The “this is who I am” talk

The little girl you used to play dolls with is grown up now. Your child’s interests may change in adolescence, and it is fully normal. As a parent, it is important to listen to the signs. A sudden loss of interest in the games and things they used to enjoy when they were younger is often stated as a sign of depression. But it is also part of growing up, so make sure to read through the signs!


Teenagers are developing their identities and interests. It is a long and difficult process to find out who they are! So don’t rush it; focus on building trust in your interactions with them. Listening to them and respecting their choices is the only way to earn their trust in the long term. 


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