The Ideal Way to Obtain Our Gym Equipment

gym equipment

  Are you looking to get gym equipment for your home or school? Then the best way to obtain gym equipment is by hiring it. This not only reduces initial outlay but also provides access to high-quality gym equipment that you may not be able to afford if buying outright. The gym equipment hire Scotland makes possible through its various online companies offering the service, will help many individuals, businesses, and institutions to run within budget.   Great Choice for […]

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Florida Man July 13 – Bartender at Fort Lauderdale Burned to Death

Florida Man July 13

Florida man July 13 2015 – Bartender at Ford Lauderdale burned to death when vodka set fire  On Florida man July 13, a Florida man was burned to death when he attempted to light vodka as he poured it. The bottle proceeded to explode as the fire entered, and the Florida man was covered in liquor fueled flames, eventually burning to death. Onlookers were screaming at the bar when the Florida man burst into flames, with the Florida man attempting […]

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My Journey to the New York Marathon 2022

Runners shoes

Hey all, Georgia here! I wanted to write a little about my journey and training for the New York marathon that’s being held on November 6th. I’m doing the run for cancer research on behalf of a friend who lives over the pond in England, who I met on business travels with my dad who was recently diagnosed with and beat stage 3 liver cancer and is now in remission.    I was never a runner, I couldn’t run 100 […]

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Trevor Morrow Travel Dude Approved Travel

Swiss alps

Trevor Morrow Travel Dude Approved Travel – the best travel blog around? You should definitely learn the Trevor Morrow travel dude approved travel philosophy, and don’t ever look elsewhere! The beauty of the Trevor Morrow travel dude approved travel is the fact that it focuses so much on quality gear and great travel.  Every dude needs the Trevor Morrow travel dude approved travel kit and the tips that come with it, and it could not be truer for every man, […]

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Florida Man March 25 – Florida Man Arrested for Hit and Run on Police Officer

Florida Man March 25

On Florida man March 25, a Florida man was arrested for running over a police officer and attempting to flee the scene. The Florida man, who was drunk driving, had caught the eye of a police officer when he stopped the car to vomit on the street, and was falling around trying to get back in his vehicle. The Florida man then proceeded to get back in the vehicle and when he saw the police officer enter the road to […]

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Florida Man March 16th – Florida Man Arrested for Treason

Florida man march 16th

Florida Man March 16th is another random event in the life of the Florida man, on March 16th what happened? Read the full in depth story below:   Florida man March 16th – Florida man arrested for plotting against the government   On Florida man March 16th, a Florida man was arrested for plotting against the US government in a severe act of treason. Officers arrested a man for plotting treason against the US government on March 16th when a […]

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