Gifts to Buy for Expecting Mums on Bumps Behalf

Pregnant Mom

Days including baby showers and Mother’s Day are special occasions to celebrate, yet, if you know someone whose pregnancy falls on days like this, it can be a time of mixed emotions. While they’ll be happy at the thought of spending many treasured anniversaries with their little one once they finally arrive, they might be feeling a bit… somber.

So, why not surprise them with a thoughtful gift that recognizes their role as a -soon-to-be parent on behalf of their unborn child (or bump for short!)? But the question is, what? If you’re stumbling, we’ve created this article listing several gift ideas for expecting parents, from a relaxation/self-care package to a prenatal gender test – keep reading for some eye-opening ideas.

Prenatal Gender Test

If you’ve often heard your pregnant friend talk about their plans for a gender reveal party, you could consider surprising them with a prenatal gender test which can tell them from as little as eight weeks whether the theme will be pink or blue.

Typically, expecting parents must wait until they’re between eighteen to twenty-two weeks into their pregnancy before the sex of their baby can be determined. Yet, with prenatal gender tests from providers like AlphaBiolabs, expectant parents can find out within seven days (so long as they’re at least eight weeks gone). The baby gender tests from AlphaBiolabs are non-invasive, one hundred percent accurate, and only need a blood sample to be completed. Consider visiting their site for more information and see how their tests could help you make your pregnant friends’ feeling special.

Relaxation/Self-Care Package

Any expectant parent will tell you how pregnancy can affect the body, from changes in your heartbeat/breathing rate to weight gain. After all, they are growing another human being inside them, so it’s natural that all modifications won’t be pleasant! With this in mind, you could consider putting together a self-care/relaxation package for them to enjoy (because they certainly won’t be able to relax as much once the baby arrives!).

Unless you’d prefer to book them a pregnancy-suitable pamper package at a spa, you could create a self-care package with your friend’s favorite relaxation products, such as bath bombs, scented candles, face masks, body scrubs, etc. Alongside their favorite relaxation-promoting products, you could consider adding pregnancy-specific items like a voucher for prenatal yoga classes, pregnancy-specific beauty products, etc., that will take the strain of pregnancy off them physically/mentally.

Custom Jewelry

Another thoughtful gift you could present to your expecting friend for their first-ever Mother’s Day or birthday is a piece of custom jewelry they can keep forever as a sentimental reminder of their pregnancy journey.

Whether it’s a pendant of their unborn babies birthstone or a bracelet with several parenthood-specific charms, we’re sure that your friend will treasure the jewelry forever as a sentimental reminder of the bond between them and their baby (and you!) which they can continue to wear long into their parenthood journey.

If you’d like to go a step further, you could even buy a matching piece of jewelry that your pregnant friend can give to their baby once it arrives as a reminder of the unconditional love/bond between a parent and their child.


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