Visiting Finland: Surprising Things You May Not Know About The Magic Of Finland

Finland, often celebrated for its vast forests, crystal-clear lakes, and the magical Northern Lights, offers a wealth of experiences that extend far beyond the common perceptions of its winter wonderland status. As you plan your Finnish adventure, consider this guide a portal to the less-trodden paths and hidden gems that make Finland truly enchanting.

1. The Enchanting Wilderness Hotel Nellim and Its Surroundings

Discovering the Secrets of Nellim

Nestled near the mystical Lake Inari in Northern Finland, Wilderness Hotel Nellim is a sanctuary for those seeking serenity and a close encounter with nature. This isn’t just another hotel; it’s a gateway to experiencing the Arctic wilderness in a unique and comfortable way. Whether it’s during the frigid embrace of winter or the midnight sun of summer, Nellim offers a variety of activities like husky safaris, snowmobiling, and Aurora hunting trips. The allure of Nellim lies in its blend of rustic charm and cosy amenities, ensuring a stay that’s both adventurous and rejuvenating.

2. The Sauna Culture: A Finnish Staple

Embracing the Heat

Saunas are an integral part of Finnish culture, with over 2 million saunas in the country for just 5.5 million people! Visiting a local sauna is more than just a leisure activity; it’s a place for physical and mental relaxation, and often a social venue where families and friends gather to discuss real issues. The traditional smoke sauna and the dip in an ice-cold lake that frequently follows are experiences that are quintessentially Finnish.

3. Everyman’s Right: Freedom to Roam

Explore with Respect

Finland’s concept of “Everyman’s Right” (jokamiehenoikeudet) is a unique element that allows public access to most forests, lakes, and rivers for recreational activities like hiking, berry picking, and fishing, all without the need for a specific permit. This right encourages locals and visitors alike to explore nature freely but comes with a responsibility to respect the environment and private properties.

4. The Midnight Sun and Polar Night

Nature’s Marvels

Depending on where you are in Finland, the natural phenomena of the Midnight Sun and Polar Night can provide a surreal experience. In the northernmost parts, the sun doesn’t set for several weeks in the summer, known as the Midnight Sun, allowing for endless evening activities without the night’s curtain. Conversely, during winter, the Polar Night envelops the region in darkness, lit only by the stars, moon, and sometimes, the Northern Lights.

5. The Coffee Culture in Finland

A Nation of Coffee Lovers

Finns are among the world’s leading coffee consumers, with a per capita coffee consumption that is truly staggering. Coffee in Finland is typically light-roasted and enjoyed several times a day, often as a break from work or during meetings with friends. Don’t miss out on kahvi and pulla (a sweet Finnish bun) in a local café!

6. The Lively Festival Scene

From Rock to Opera

Finland might appear serene, but it bustles with energy during festival season. With events ranging from rock festivals to classical music and opera, there is something happening almost every week. Notable mentions include the Helsinki Festival, Savonlinna Opera Festival, and the eclectic Ruisrock.

7. The Unique Wildlife and Nature Reserves

Encounter Finland’s Wild Inhabitants

Finland’s diverse landscapes are home to an impressive array of wildlife and are meticulously preserved in numerous national parks and nature reserves. In the lush expanses of eastern Finland, you might spot brown bears, wolves, and lynxes. Bird enthusiasts will find the wetlands and coastal areas particularly rewarding, with opportunities to observe rare species in their natural habitats.

FAQ: What You Need to Know About Visiting Finland

Q: What is the best time to visit Finland? A: It depends on what you want to experience. For Northern Lights, visit between September and March. For summer activities and the Midnight Sun, June through August is ideal. 

Q: Do I need to speak Finnish to visit? A: English is widely spoken, especially by the younger population and in tourist areas, so you will have no trouble getting around. 

Q: What are the must-try foods? A: Be sure to try traditional dishes like Karelian pies, Finnish fish soup, and for the adventurous, reindeer meat. 

Q: What should I pack? A: Weather can be unpredictable; layering is key. Bring warm clothing during winter, and lighter apparel for the summer, but always carry a raincoat. 


Finland offers a blend of rustic adventure and serene landscapes, enriched by deep cultural traditions and modern Finnish lifestyle. From the cosy confines of Wilderness Hotel Nellim to the communal warmth of a local sauna, every aspect of your Finnish journey promises to add a bit of magic to your travel stories. Prepare to immerse yourself in the spirit of Finland, and don’t forget to leave space in your itinerary for the unexpected delights that await.

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