Budget Friendly Ways Stressed Out Moms Can Treat Themselves

Mom Having Fun with Daughter

If you’re a busy mom, time is your most valuable asset. The only problem is, you don’t have any of it! After you’ve packed the kids up in the morning, spend the day working, collected the kids and done the whole evening routine there just isn’t any time left for yourself.

The good news – there are plenty of budget friendly things you can do to pamper yourself! Check them out below and get rid of that stress for good!

Pamper Yourself

You don’t have to go for a spa weekend with the other moms just to pamper yourself, you can enjoy the little things at home that make things feel much better. For example if the kids are asleep, grab a quick nap, a quick bath, get that hair wet and muscles relaxed making yourself feel much more refreshed in minutes. Buy some new flowers for your home, some new plants, nail polish and more, the list is endless!

Practice Some Skills

Give a sport a go, or try yoga, cooking, painting, band, anything that has ever interested you, you owe it to yourself to give yourself an opportunity!

Do Silly Things

Sometimes as moms we forget that we were kids too and that part of us is still there. You’ve been so strict with yourself so your kids can have fun that you forget to have fun yourself. Get silly at least once a week, games night, karaoke, go to comedy shows, dance, unleash your inner mom moves!


Unwinding at the end of the day is absolutely essential. You need some go-to things that you can do after rushing around, stressing out all day.

Reading a book, snack and TV night or playing music with a blindfold on are my 3 favourites. Dull your senses and enjoy the shut down time, it doesn’t have to be fancy, it can be sensual and relaxing.




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