Tips to Keep Your Children Safe In and Around Water

Kids Playing Near Water with Ball

With summer being just around the corner and your outdoor pool being prepared, it’s always key to remember how to keep your children safe around the water. It’s easy to shut off for half a second and your youngest has gotten too close to the edge, or if you have multiple kids it’s easy for them to get a little heated around the pool.

It’s great to let your kids loose around the pool, let them have an amazing time and have fun, but make sure you never forget about their safety. So I’m going to post 5 tips for all of you moms to help you keep them safe!

Teach Them How to Swim

First off, you have to teach your kids to swim as soon as possible. They need to be confident in water and should wear aids until they are confident enough without them. Lots of local pools offer classes for moms and babies and then independent swimming lessons once they’re old enough. It’s important to know how to swim, so if you ever go surfing or out on a boat they can swim back if they fall in.

Always Supervise

Even if you are 100% sure your kids are safe, you have to constantly supervise them. You can take turns with your husband or a friend but you have to make sure there’s always an adult there as a dedicated water watcher, too many toddlers and kids drown every year because there was no supervision. With you being there too, it will increase your kids confidence and make them a stronger swimmer. It’s a natural instinct in your kids for them to want to swim, so make it as safe and as fun as possible!

Do Not Rely on Flotation

Flotation devices and toys are a really great idea don’t get me wrong, it helps your kids to build confidence in the water and can reduce the risk of drowning. Keep in mind though, inflatable rings are not a preventive measure against the risk of drowning, even when they’re on there’s a risk of drowning. They can randomly deflate, fall off or your young one could flip upside down with it on and not be able to get back up. So do your best not to rely on flotation devices around the pool and keep your eye open as much as you can!

Swimming in Designated Areas

This is for both adults and kids and is for when you’re out at the beach, you should always stay in an area that is designated as riptide-free where the lifeguards are monitoring. If you’re in a different country look out for the same signals, the locals will know what areas to avoid so you should avoid those too.

Top up Your CPR Skills

As a parent this is essential to know how do CPR in case you ever need it. You don’t want to stand by panicking if the worst ever happens, when you have the skills to save your child right there if it’s ever needed so get booked onto a course as soon as you can from the local first aid classes.

As a rule I would say your kids will need close supervision until they can swim confidently on their own, hold their breath and swim underwater and can float in case they ever accidentally fall in. Only you as the mom will know when you can relax a little more, but it’s never a bad thing to always be vigilant.

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