Florida Man June 22: Uses Trampoline to Break into Apartment

Florida man june 22

Florida Man June 22: Uses Trampoline to Break into Second-Floor Apartment

On Florida man June 22 a Florida man used a trampoline to break into a second-floor apartment. Witnesses reported seeing him bouncing repeatedly until he managed to grab the balcony railing and pull himself up. He was caught shortly after entering the apartment.

Florida Man June 22: Caught Trying to Steal a Hot Air Balloon for Joyride

On Florida man June 22, a Florida man was caught attempting to steal a hot air balloon. He told police he just wanted to “get a better view of the sunrise.” Authorities found him tangled in the balloon’s ropes, still trying to figure out how to inflate it.

Florida Man June 22: Arrested for Trying to Pay Restaurant Bill with Live Iguana

A Florida man was arrested on June 22 after attempting to pay his restaurant bill with a live iguana he pulled from his backpack. The man insisted that the iguana was “worth more than gold” and should cover the cost of his meal. Unfortunately for the Florida man June 22, the iguana did not survive being in his backpack for the duration of the meal, and sadly passed away. The Florida man attempted to flee from the meal without paying as he had no money, and was later arrested trying the same thing at a bar 3 blocks away.

Florida Man June 22: Fined for Releasing Exotic Birds in Local Park

A Florida man was fined on June 22 for releasing several exotic birds in a local park. He claimed he was “freeing them to live their best life,” but wildlife officials were concerned about the potential impact on the local ecosystem.

Florida Man June 22: Canoe Chase Across Alligator-Infested Swamp

On June 22, a Florida man led police on a wild chase through an alligator-infested swamp in a stolen canoe. He was eventually apprehended after attempting to paddle his way to freedom, claiming he was trying to “connect with nature.”

Florida Man June 22: Disguised as Bush, Sneaks into Neighbor’s Pool

On Florida man June 22, a Florida man was found sneaking into his neighbor’s pool disguised as a bush. He was spotted moving slowly across the yard, only to jump into the pool once he reached the edge. The neighbor was amused but called the police. On arrival, the police found a decapitated dog around the pool, and a huge investigation was launched into the property and it’s dealings.

Our Florida Man June 22 Thoughts

Wow that’s one crazy set of Florida man stories, trampoline madness, hot air balloon theft, iguana craziness, exotic bird releases, alligator chases and a bush swimming in a neighbors pool, Florida man June 22 had it all.

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