Simple Ways To Help Transition Your Child’s Wardrobe From Summer To Winter

Young Girl in Winter Clothing

Simple Ways To Help Transition Your Child’s Wardrobe From Summer To Winter


The summer season is finally drawing to an end. Glimpses of the colder months are upon us with more gloomy skies and temperature drops. These colder months are ideal for some as they turn their summer wardrobe into their perfect winter capsule wardrobe.

Whilst many will do this to their wardrobe, what about those with children? Have you yet to pack away your child’s summer wardrobe? Fear not; here are a few simple ways to help you transition your child’s wardrobe from summer to winter attire.

See What They Have

Starting simple, see what clothes your child has. Look at their winter and summer wear and see what pieces they have. See if any summer pieces could be layered up for the winter. Put aside the most appropriate pieces for the warmer weather, and pack them away for next summer.

If you have limited space to bring all winter pieces, consider having the most used winter clothes out instead of their entire collection. For instance, they might not wear their smartest winter clothing daily, so these can be stored away until they are needed.

Invest In Key Pieces

After seeing what pieces your child has, take note of any key pieces that are missing. These could be a good winter coat, jumpers, scarves or boots – pieces that will be the most worn during the colder months. If any key pieces are missing, consider investing in these items that you know your child will get the most out of throughout winter.

Investing in quality pieces, such as from designer brands, could be worthwhile, especially as the quality is often higher than in high-street shops. Many designers will have a selection of clothing tailored exclusively for children, for example, the Gucci Kids collection. Look at the selection of Gucci clothes for kids from SSENSE. The selection on offer has everything your child could need for the perfect winter wardrobe.

Consider Unpredictable Weather

Winter is known for bringing in colder weather. Higher chances of snow and colder days compared to other seasons. However, it is difficult to predict the weather, especially with the extreme weather changes of recent years. When transitioning your child’s wardrobe from summer to winter, remember that the weather might not be as cold as anticipated.

It might not be as cold as anticipated, so consider keeping some summer pieces out. As mentioned, some summer pieces can be layered; having these on hand will be helpful when it is not cold enough for your child to wear thick layers. Having as many layers as possible on hand will be great when dressing your child for the winter.

Get Them Involved

It is your child’s wardrobe that you are helping to switch their summer clothes for their winter essentials. Ask them their opinions on what clothes they want to wear during the winter. When you bring out their winter wardrobe, allow them to choose their favourite pieces.

Of course, you can pick out some pieces you know they will likely need but allowing them to choose will help them to feel more involved. Additionally, it will be an excellent bonding activity you both can do. It gives you the opportunity to work together and spend some time choosing the perfect winter wardrobe.

There you have it, a few simple ways that you can try to help you transition your child’s wardrobe from winter to summer.


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