5 Easy Knitted Gifts For Loved Ones

Hey everyone! Today I’m going to be covering off some easy knitted gifts for loved ones, and some of these will hopefully help you get your knitting to a new level too!

Quick knitted gifts aren’t only impressive, they’re fun and leave a lasting impression on those around you, whether you’re knitting for your mom, your brother or your college friends. All you need is a little yarn, some needles, the idea and some know how!

Without me blabbing on much more, check the list out below for 5 easy knitted gifts for loved ones!


  • Cozy slipper boots

Every single pair I’ve ever knitted has been well received, these look classy, keep you warm and make for the perfect christmas or thanksgiving gift!

  • Fingerless mitts


If you’re into your retro gear you will love these, and so will the people you knit them for! They leave your hands warm whilst letting you use your fingers for whatever you need them for (it’s 2022 let’s be real, they’re for scrolling!), this makes one of my top fast knits every time. 

  • Daisy stitched washcloth

One for the crochet knitters, best made out of burlap. This is an amazing gift for the extended family and looks very classy, very absorbent and can last for years before it frays and needs re-doing!

  • Knitted lemon stress ball

Remember how I mentioned it’s 2022? Well since life is pretty stressful right now with the cost of everything, why not knit your friends some lemon stress balls? These are honestly awesome, can be made with knit or crochet and are great gifts for anyone and best of all they only take a couple of hours as they’re simple. 


  1. Knitted terrarium hanger


For my final idea I wanted to box off my actual favorite thing to knit which is this lovely knitted terrarium hanger. It’s cute, holds any size terrarium depending on how big you want to make it and can be amazing to bring some nature home with you. It can create a real focal point in the house or it can be made to be subtle too, the list is endless which is why it’s a perfect gift!

I hope you enjoyed reading this and got some cool ideas of what to knit for your friends! Knitting is amazing, fun and so creative which is why I love it so much. If you’re an avid knitter or someone who’s just learning there’s something for all of you on here, and when it comes to christmas and birthdays there is literally nothing that can beat a personally knitted item.


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