Florida Man February 17 – Florida Man Crashes on South Central Beach

Florida man February 17

Florida man February 17 is another event where a Florida man gets into trouble. On the 17th day of February what did he do? Read the full story below:


Florida Man February 17 – Florida man crashes yacht on south central beach


On Florida Man February 17 a Florida man was arrested for crashing his yacht on the beach in south central Hollywood, his reasoning for the crash is that his pilot had too much to drink before taking the reins, but there was actually no pilot aboard at the time of the crash. 


Officers believed this story was deeper than it seemed, with the man seeming quite irate and looking like he was potentially trying to hide something, so they obtained a warrant and searched the boat. On the boat there was a GoPro with footage of the Florida man in question torturing and maiming the captain, before shouting “I am de captain now” and throwing him overboard. Officers contacted the water patrols and the man was recovered unconscious and barely breathing, he later made a full recovery in hospital. 


The Florida man February 17 arrest 


The Florida man February 17, named Pablo Hernandez resisted his arrest stating that the man on the video had nothing to do with him, but officers detained him for questioning. It later turned out that Pablo was wanted for a series of attacks across the US, and thefts of yachts and jet skis and was known to authorities internationally too.


When we caught up with officers, they told us “he was just a drunken mess, he didn’t even know what day it was, he was just crazed, drunk and completely out of it”. When we spoke to an onlooker at the beach, they told us “what a crazy guy, I would have loved to have been on that yacht before it ran aground, what a legend”.

The Florida man February 17 sentence


The Florida man February 17 named Pablo was sentenced to 43 years in state prison for his crimes, and ordered to pay more than $500,000 in damages to the owner of the yacht for running the yacht aground and damaging the hull. Pablo was told that if he cannot make the payment, then he will have to make the statutory minimum payment to the owner of the yacht which is set at $133,000. 


Just Desserts for the Florida man February 17th, as one would say. You cannot commandeer a yacht and run it aground when drunk, and you can’t expect to get away with it without any financial reparation either. The Florida man is yet to face up to his crimes, blaming others for the mistakes that he made that evening, but one thing is certain, he will be too old to make that mistake again.


If you liked the Florida man stories that we have here, please drop a comment below and let us know what you’d like to see next. All of our Florida man stories are based off true stories, that we don’t have access to the rights to, so be certain in the fact that this happened, and that the Florida man did in fact go to jail.


Our Florida man February 17 thoughts


Another crazy day in the state of Florida, how can anyone keep up?! Maybe one day there will be a quiet day with no news over there


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