The 6 Best Benefits of Knitting at Home

Knitting at Home

Take it from me, leaning how to knit was and has never been something I thought I’d ever do, or be into. People think knitting is something their grandma does, and that it’s just some old age tradition that no one does anymore, but I think it’s because people often forget the benefits it brings or they’re just too busy with other parts of their lives to do it. Knitting Holds a Sense of Pride Not a lot of people […]

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Learning to Knit and the Ups and Downs


Hey everyone! Today I’m going to be covering something I’m asked literally every day. Is knitting hard, how long did it take you, how did you start? Let me start off by saying knitting is literally just a slightly harder version of tying your laces. You learn it, practice it over time and become a master of the art. It’s easy to learn and just requires a little patience, but more of that below; Consistency is key. Knitting gets easier […]

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Georgia Miller – Why I Love Knitting

Knitwitch Knitting

  Why I Love Knitting Hey all! I’ve been thinking back to my origins recently, before I started Knitwitch and before I even started knitting, what attracted me to it, why did I go for it? So I wanted to tell you all a little about me and why I started.  I know I’ve touched on it a little in the past but I grew up sort of all over the US, my dad always traveled for business and I […]

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Knitting vs Crochet: The Top Differences Between the Two Styles

Knitting Vs Crochet

Hey all, Georgia again with another comparison article (sorry!). If you’re here, that means you’re thinking about what style of blending fabrics you want to do. First off, there is not a single creation that you can’t do with either, you can create blankets, sweaters and everything from both types of craft. The Difference Between Knitting & Crochet Knitting is done with 2 needles and both hands, you are using a needle to store the loops and the other to […]

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Hello Kitty Crochet Pattern: Step-by-Step Easy Guide

Hello Kitty Crochet Pattern

There’s no need to have an excuse to show your family how much you love them. Wouldn’t you like to give your child or granddaughter a special present this time? Something only you can make? Well… I believe this Hello Kitty crochet pattern is right for the job! The best gifts are the small details you give from the bottom of your heart… And this Hello Kitty crocheted stuffed toy (commonly known as Amigurumi in Japan) is a perfect match! […]

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Different Types of Knit Fabrics

Types of Knit Fabrics

For a lot of people, that title means literally nothing unless they happen to be into knitting or designing. For some people the name shows them what type of clothing it is, for others it tells us what material it is and how we can use it. If you want to learn more about knitting and knit types, keep reading on and let me bore you into the world of knitting. First off sometimes fabrics can be found under different […]

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