5 Ways Self Storage Helps When Moving Home

Moving House

When you start a home move, self storage is an amazing time saver, money saver and stress saver. Using storage to declutter your property allows buyers to see the potential your home has, and on moving day you can put your stuff in the storage temporarily which can be a huge stress reliever.


In the lead up to your move you’ll start to appreciate all the stuff you’ve collected over the years, removal companies charge by time and if it takes hours to pack up your belongings then it costs hundreds of dollars more just to get it packed away on the day. Packing and decluttering for a week before you move is essential, saving time and money on the day of your move.

Between homes

Sometimes you can sell your home but your new home isn’t available for days or weeks, self storage means you don’t have to worry about any of that!

Unexpected problems

When moving, things may not go to plan like you would hope. All it takes is one person to have an issue with their removal company and everything is messed up. Always have a plan B for stuff like this, have a storage space enough to store all of your stuff and there’s nothing to worry about!

Unpack slowly

As you get the keys to your new home you should take your time unpacking. So many people throw everything in and live under piles of boxes and don’t know what anything is. Having self storage means you can compartmentalise where you store things, and you can unpack a section of your new house at a time.

New house needs work

Your new house might need some work, new carpets, new décor, and having your furniture in self storage means it’s safe and protected while you reno.


Moving home is super stressful, and you don’t need any added stress on top, self storage really helps keep hold of some of those big items or keep you organised on moving day!

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