Florida Man April 4th – Florida Man Arrested for Hacking Microsoft

Florida man April 4th

Florida man April 4th 2002- Florida man arrested for hacking and stealing Microsoft details of millions


On Florida man April 4th, a Florida man was arrested for hacking Microsoft and stealing the data of millions of people. The Florida man, who was caught due to not using a VPN and hiding his IP address was arrested as he had sold the data for millions of dollars to a Chinese corporation, who remains unnamed. 


When we caught up with the Florida man before his trial, he told us “it’s not illegal, if they wanted that data to be secure then they should have made it harder to get into”. 


The Florida man April 4th was sentenced on April 27th to 6 years in federal prison and ordered to pay $117,000 split amongst the authorities that will be required to solve the breach of security.


There are rumors that Microsoft have hired the hacker, to create a firewall that no one can breach and have offered for part of his sentence to be served in their offices. 


Florida man April 4th 2016 – Millionaire Florida man pleads guilty for insurance fraud worth $29m


On Florida man April 4th, a Florida man pleaded guilty to an insurance fraud claim, after claiming that 3 of his luxury yachts were stolen after a raid from the Mexican cartel. The claim told that the three Yachts were stolen when 3 armoured vehicles full of men pulled up at the Florida man’s private estate and took the Yachts by gunpoint. 


Although there were many flaws in the story, the claim was approved with a 4 month wait for payout due to proof that the Yachts were no longer on the estate of the Florida man. The money was due within 4 months, which the Florida man was excited to receive as the total was over $27 million.


The Florida man, named Daryl Yungbird, was caught when he ventured out on one of the stolen yachts after sharing a few drinks with his friends, forgetting that he was in the center of a web claim of lies. 


At the trial, the judge referred to Daryl as an empathyless man, with no hope for the future of America with people like him in charge of millions of dollars. The judge then sentenced the Florida man to 27 years behind bars, the maximum sentence allowed in Florida. 


Florida man April 4th 2021 – Florida man jailed for testing man made testosterone on alligators


On Florida man April 4th, a Florida man was jailed for injecting synthetic testosterone into local alligators, to increase the mating schedules and overpopulate Florida with alligators. This was after a short campaign that the Florida man had released online, detailing that alligators had survived the great meteor when the dinosaurs roamed the earth, and as such should be the dominant species on the planet.


When the Florida man was caught, the police found multitudes of evidence of a plan to rid the earth of humans, which included injecting testosterone into bears, alligators and eagles to increase their populace and aggression towards others. 


The Florida man was jailed for 17 years, with no opportunity for early release available regardless of behavior as there was evidence that he was intelligent enough to act and manipulate. 


Our Florida man April 4th thoughts


Crazy, this Florida man April 4th really should have thought of what he was doing shouldn’t he. If you want to see some more breaking news stories about Florida men, check them out here and here. 


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