Florida Man April 6th – Florida Man Murders 4 Teens Whilst High on Gasoline

Florida man april 6th

Florida Man April 6th is another random event in the life of the Florida man, on April 6th what happened? Read the full story below:


Florida man April 6th – Florida man shoots dead 4 teens whilst high on gasoline fumes


On the morning of Florida man April 6th, a Florida man was arrested after sniffing gasoline fumes and shooting 4 teens who were walking nearby. The Florida man had been seen recently hanging around a petrol station with an open bag, seemingly trying to catch gas fumes and inhaling from the bag. Shortly after being sighted doing this, the Florida man tackled another man who was filling his car up and poured gasoline all over the ground. The man proceeded to continually sniff the gasoline for the next 12 minutes before drawing his gun and firing it at a small crowd of pedestrians.


The chief witness, who’s gasoline was spilled, told us the Florida man April 6th was in a crazed state, with his pupils as wide as a werewolf’s when he started reaching for his gun.


The Florida man April 6th arrest


The Florida man was arrested shortly after the incident by armed officers, whilst ambulances carried the bodies of the victims away nearby. The Florida man was heard telling the officers “they deserve their transcendence to God’s arms, through pain and suffering we will be united”.


The Florida man April 6th sentence


The Florida man, named as Jon Jiminez, was sentenced to life in prison with bail set at $3,400,000. The judge passed the maximum available sentence 4 times, once per victim, so that the Florida man would never see the outside of a prison again in his lifetime. He is also ordered to attend rehabilitation workshops, so he can serve his community under the supervision of prison officers.


Our Florida man April 6th thoughts


It must be difficult being a Floridian right now, with Florida men like Jon roaming around. The stories we read from Florida men are getting ever increasingly concerning as time goes by.

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