Florida Man January 30th – Florida Man Arrested for Arson

Florida man january 30th

Florida man January 30th was a dark day in Florida, on the 30th day of January, what did the Florida man do? Read the full story here:


Florida Man January 30th – Florida man arrested for arson after burning down fire station


On Florida man January 30th a Florida man was arrested for burning down a fire station in Whiteville, Florida with gasoline and a flamethrower. The Florida man in question was caught on January 30th torching different areas of the fire station before dousing it in gasoline and setting it alight.


Officers say the man was in a crazed trance, where he was heard screaming “See if you can put this out” and laughing hysterically. It was found that the man had recently had a house fire in which the fire officers did not manage to put the fire out in time, and he lost all his possessions with no insurance to cover them.


The Florida man January 30th arrest


Officers cornered the Florida man, named Jason Krieg, before he covered himself in gasoline and attempted to run towards the fire. Officers tackled Jason to the ground before he attempted to grab a knife from his pocket, but he was successfully restrained before he could get to it. The Florida man was then carted off into the back of the sheriff’s truck and taken to the police station for questioning.


The Florida man January 30th sentence


On Florida man January 30th the Florida man was sentenced to 7 years in county court prison, with bail set at $179,000. The Florida man did not wish to attempt to pay the bail, and will serve his full sentence admitting in court “I was wrong to burn the fire station down, now others will not have a chance if their houses set on fire”. We caught up with a witness outside who said “I really feel for him, he lost everything but he shouldn’t have burned the station down, that was silly”.


Our Florida man January 30th thoughts


Florida men seem to get crazier every year. I know it’s an unfortunate event that led this man to his crazed state, but you have to wonder if there’s a lack of education and awareness in certain parts of the state. At least they have Miami.

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