Florida Man January 4th – Florida Man Dies After Vape Explodes

Florida man January 4th

Florida Man January 4th is another in the long line of unfortunate events in Florida, oh January 4th what did the Florida man do? Read the full story down here:


Florida Man January 4th – Florida man killed after vape explodes during inhalation


A Florida man was killed suddenly whilst walking his ferret on January 4th, when he began inhaling his vape before it went up in flames and exploded. The Florida man died at the scene and the ferret escaped into the local environment with its leash still attached.


Officers began investigating the name and brand of the vape through reconstruction and found that it was manufactured in Florida illegally, and began an investigation into its original location. The police found the knock off shop through the dead Florida man’s amazon purchases & arrested the owner on site.


The Florida man January 4th arrest


The owner was shocked as police raided his shop and pinned him down. All of the vape goods were seized and he was taken in for questioning. After further investigation it was found that the vapes were illegal Chinese imports made with cheap parts, prone to battery flare issues. The Florida shop owner was heard saying “how can I run a business here if I have to buy and sell at RRP?”


The Florida man January 4th sentence


The Florida man who owned the shop was sentenced to 14 months in prison and the judge ordered all products on site to be disposed of by the police. An onlooker was heard saying “he’s sold me 3 vapes in the past and all 3 blew up, one took my school bag and lunch with it and the other 2 went whilst I was camping so the light from the fire was welcome”. We tried to catch up with the shop owner but he invoked his right to the 5th amendment and refused to speak to us.


Our Florida man January 4th thoughts


Wow, just when you thought Florida was becoming a safe state again this went ahead and happened. You would think products such as vapes would be regulated and checked before being shipped, but I guess people enjoy cutting corners.

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