Florida Man March 25 – Florida Man Arrested for Hit and Run on Police Officer

Florida Man March 25

On Florida man March 25, a Florida man was arrested for running over a police officer and attempting to flee the scene.

The Florida man, who was drunk driving, had caught the eye of a police officer when he stopped the car to vomit on the street, and was falling around trying to get back in his vehicle.

The Florida man then proceeded to get back in the vehicle and when he saw the police officer enter the road to stop him, decided to put his foot down and mow the officer down.

The police officer sadly lost his life from the incident, and shortly after the crash, the Florida man crashed into a tree and died from a car fire when the engine took light.

Families of both the Florida man and Police officer have been contacted, and specialist officers have been dispatched to both to aid them during these difficult times.

Florida man March 25 2017 – Florida Man caught illegally importing guns via Mexico

On Florida man March 25, a Florida man was caught illegally importing guns over the Mexican border when one of his tunnels collapsed, as a gun shot through the ceiling during transport.

The Florida man, who was a self proclaimed arms dealer, was running a small gun shop illegally and selling guns to minors and people with long criminal history records, who could not obtain firearms any other way.

The Florida man was arrested 1.5 miles from the US border, and was detained within Mexico, questioned and tortured until he gave the information up about the source, with the cartel actually funding the illegal guns being moved across the border for a premium.

When questioned, the Florida man told authorities that he was recruited when he was 7 years old, and is followed by cartel leaders to make sure he is actively selling their wares 7 days per week.

The Florida man was put under police protection on Florida man March 25 2017, but was sadly killed on January 4th.

Florida man March 25 2019 – Florida Man shot after attempting to rob dildo store

On Florida man March 25, a Florida man was shot after he attempted to rob a dildo store and was holding the cashier up with a large black dildo named ‘iron rod’.

The Florida man put staff in immediate danger when he unboxed a large dildo and started attacking shop guests, knocking 4 unconscious and breaking the legs of 2 whilst he was screaming “Sinners!”.

The Florida man, who is a self-proclaimed devout Christian, believed that any sort of pleasure toy was against the name of the almighty Christ, and could not be used for good and he wanted to prove that.

When we caught up with police officers, they told us “it was crazy, he broke 2 people’s legs and almost killed the other 4 with blows to the head, the guy was definitely suffering from a lack of intimacy and took it out on others”.

The Florida man was sentenced to 12 years in a maximum security penitentiary, with no chance of early parole.

Our Florida man March 25th thoughts

Wow, a hit and run offense, a cartel murder mystery and a dildo wielding maniac. One thing is for certain, Florida man January 3rd was not a boring date.

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