Florida Man October 7th – Free Florida Man Murders Entire Family

Florida man october 7th

Florida Man October 7th is a terrible event in the life of the Florida man, on April 24th what happened? Read the full in depth story below:


Florida man April 24th – Florida man shoots entire family over game of monopoly


On the morning of Florida Man October 7th, a Florida man was arrested at his residence in Tampa Bay after shooting his entire family when losing a game of monopoly. The Florida man was losing the game of monopoly in last place whilst receiving taunts from the rest of his family when he pulled a gun from underneath the table and shot them all in cold blood.


Reports from neighbors say that the man was frequently waving his gun at his family on game nights but he’d had enough of losing to them after years of being last on Friday game night. When we caught up with the next door neighbor she told us “he has literally shot through my walls in anger some nights. The family didn’t ever say nothing but I’ve had to patch so many holes in my RV, it’s just not right”.


The Florida man April 24th arrest


The Florida Man October 7th was arrested shortly after calls were received for multiple gunshots fired on an RV site south of Gainesville. Upon arriving in the RV police found the Florida man, covered in blood surrounded by 6 members of his family, all laid in their beds. Police say the man dropped his gun and was calmly escorted off the premises.


The Florida man October 7th sentence


The Florida Man October 7th was sentenced to life in prison for the murder of his family, including a 66 year old woman, 59 year old man, and three brothers aged 37, 31 and 14. When the sentence was passed, the Florida man, now named as Graham Heind, was seen smirking. A witness told us that the Florida man’s last words were “they should have let me win shouldn’t they”.


Our Florida man October 7th thoughts


Wow, this is a shocking event in the life of the Florida man, it seems there’s always trouble with Florida men in RV’s, check out this story of another local Florida man and his RV: Florida man found dead in stolen RV after standoff with Lake County deputies, officials say (yahoo.com).


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