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Why I Love Knitting

Hey all! I’ve been thinking back to my origins recently, before I started Knitwitch and before I even started knitting, what attracted me to it, why did I go for it? So I wanted to tell you all a little about me and why I started. 

I know I’ve touched on it a little in the past but I grew up sort of all over the US, my dad always traveled for business and I went along to all the meetings with him over summer breaks and through fall as that was always his busiest time. I learned a lot, I didn’t really have a lot of time for friends as I’d be flying all over and I didn’t really have a lot to concentrate on across all of the flights, so I decided to take up some hobbies. 

It wasn’t my first choice, but as we generally traveled the most during the fall it was always coming up to christmas so I thought I’d start something a little creative, where I could kill some time and create some awesome things and that’s where I came across knitting. 8 hours to cali, 12 hours to London, 9 hours to Washington, you can imagine how good I got real fast with all that spare time. I was knitting sweaters, bears, footwear, you name it and I knitted it and I was almost addicted. You should have seen it on the first Christmas, everyone was covered top to bottom in my knits and they loved it, I was hooked, I was in love with the art! 

I started commissioning pieces for people I met whilst I was away, someone would ask me where I got the hand warmers, where I got my skirts, my sweaters and I’d tell them i’d knit them whilst we traveled. Before I knew it I was earning hundreds of dollars a week just knitting at 15, my dad was so proud and mom was over the moon too as she’d ask me for rent even though I was on the other side of the country! 

The one problem with turning a hobby into a job is it can get old quickly, so I started a website where instead of selling my knits I started selling the yarn, the ones that I’d used in the past and felt were the best. It was quite hard running the site when it got busy, lots of sales, lots of traveling and it did make things quite hard so I decided hey, why don’t I blog instead? I have so much experience and love for knitting and I’ve seen the world while I did it all, so for me it seems perfect! Finding time to knit can be hard with my kids at the moment, but blogging has honestly kept me sane so I’m so happy I made the leap!

In the future I’d love to continue my travels once my kids grow a little bigger, and I’d love to knit a special piece for every place I visit, and I truly hope some of you can come along for that journey with me too!

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Thanks for reading guys,

Georgia X X

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