Knitting vs Crochet: The Top Differences Between the Two Styles

Knitting Vs Crochet

Hey all, Georgia again with another comparison article (sorry!). If you’re here, that means you’re thinking about what style of blending fabrics you want to do. First off, there is not a single creation that you can’t do with either, you can create blankets, sweaters and everything from both types of craft.

The Difference Between Knitting & Crochet

Knitting is done with 2 needles and both hands, you are using a needle to store the loops and the other to scoop out new rows of loops. This needs a lot of muscle memory and quick hands as stitches can unravel.

Crocheting only uses a single hook and one hand, and although both require puling yarn through loops, the hook really helps this process so much and the results are stable chains of knots.


Whilst knitting follows very easy to follow uniform lines, it’s really hard to create something elaborate and 3D, whereas crochet excels here. In crochet, stitches are usually made by piercing through previous rows which gives a thicker and bumpier looks and feel, lots more texture and can have decorative holes in it.

Which is Easiest?

Crocheting takes a lot less effort and takes multi tasking out of the equation, so it is much easier. Handling live stitching whilst knitting can be horrible for beginners, or those who don’t have a lot of motor control with their hands. It is worth noting that advanced crochet patterns are really similar in difficulty to knitting, so depending on the level you want to go to then it’s worth learning both so you have a choice.


Considering the difficulty and density, Knitting is better suited for sweaters, socks, hats and squares, whereas crocheting is better for toys, décor, blankets, baskets and anything circular. Crocheting is much quicker, but knitting designs are more intricate and can be more rewarding in the end, and cost wise there isn’t a big difference. All in all you CAN produce similar projects from both, but I believe there’s specific boxes that each type tick perfectly.

If you want to see an example of crocheting, check out my article here




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