Florida Man February 5th – Florida Man Steals Dodge Viper

Florida man February 5th

Florida Man February 5th is another scary event in the life of the Florida man. On February 5th, what did the Florida man do? Read the in depth stories below:   Florida man February 5th 2016 – Florida man steals Dodge Viper and crashes into school   On Florida man February 5th a Florida man was arrested for stealing a Dodge Viper and crashing it through school gates and through the main foundation of the school. The Florida man in […]

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Florida Man June 18th – Free Florida Man Steals $2 Million Watch

Florida man June 18th

Florida man June 18th is another account of the Florida man being caught committing crime. On the 18th day of June What did the Florida man do? Read below to see the full story:   Florida man June 18th 2022 – Florida man arrested for stealing $2 million watch from shop window   On Florida man June 18th a Florida man was caught putting the wrong item in his pockets on June 18, the Florida man in question hailed from […]

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Florida Man February 11th – Florida Man Sentenced for Indecency

Florida man February 11th

Florida Man 11th February is yet another account of a Florida man being caught out for bad behaviour. On the 11th day of February what did the Florida man do? Read the full story here:   Florida Man February 11th – Arrested and Sentenced for Public Indecency   Police chased a man through Orlando, Florida for public indecency on the 11th February. The Florida man in question was named Rocco Smith, and had a troubled past of similar activities. When […]

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Florida Man 15 January – Florida Man Caught Free With $4m in Stolen Bank Notes

Florida man 15 january

Florida man 15 January is yet another disastrous event for a Florida man. On the 15th day of January what did he go and do? Read the full story here:   Florida Man 15 January 2019- Florida man arrested for being caught with $4m in stolen bank notes   On Florida man 15 January Police were fast on the scene when a man was spotted walking down the Miami beach front with a suspicious suitcase. There were reports that a […]

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How to Knit Your First Blanket

Knitting kit

Hey everyone, today I thought I’d write a how to on knitting blankets. Knitting your first blanket can be hugely satisfying and can really boost your confidence with your other knits too. Knitting is fun and challenging, relieves stress and can let you create all sorts of awesome things, but first off we’ll start with a blanket.   To start, you’ll need a pair of needles (if you don’t know much about needles, check my how to start knitting article), […]

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Florida Man April 15 – Florida Man Arrested For Exposing Genitals Dressed as Homer Simpson

Florida Man April 15

Florida Man April 15 – Florida Man Arrested For Exposing Genitals Dressed as Homer Simpson On Florida man April 15, a Florida man dressed as the popular God of War ‘Kratos’ attacked a group of bystanders with home made chain blades, in an attempt to prove that he was worthy of Ares’ love. The Florida man, who was 27 years old at the time of the crime, created the blades of chaos in his home garage before testing them out […]

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