Florida Man May 3rd – Florida Man Missing on Pub Crawl Alerts National Guard

Florida man may 3rd

Florida man May 3rd 2015 – Florida man who went missing on a pub crawl called the national guard to help find him


On Florida man May 3rd, a Florida man went missing during the annual ‘20 pint or bust’ pub crawl, and had been reported missing for 3 days before officers were called to help find him. 


Searches ensued around the vicinity of Okeechobee, with fears that the Florida man had fallen and drowned in the lake. An onlooker overheard the conversation between friends and called the national guard, fearing the worst for the Florida man. 


The Florida man, who had gone missing on the night of the pub crawl, was actually the onlooker, completely unaware that anyone was out looking for him. He was unrecognizable as he had his hair and eyebrows shaved off and was wearing a dress that he had stolen three nights prior. 


When the national guard became involved, it was quickly discovered that the Florida man was alive and well, and had actually made the call himself, reports say that the Florida man was extremely apologetic for the trouble caused, but has since been fined $173,000 by the state for the wasted resources in the search for himself. 


Florida man May 3rd 2017- Florida Man arrested for assaulting grandmother with a mallet


On Florida man May 3rd, a Florida man was arrested for assaulting his grandmother with a mallet when she accidentally spat her false teeth into his beer. 


The Florida man was enjoying a nice cold one after his recent trip to the benefits center when his grandmother slipped and spat out her false teeth, unfortunately landing into his beer. 

Florida man mallet
Mallet on grass

The Florida man proceeded to assault his grandmother, knocking her to the ground and beat her with a mallet that was close at hand. 


The Florida man was arrested, and imprisoned for 16 months for the assault. The grandmother attempted to drop the charges, but the state brought charges of their own forward for the medical care and police attendance required, otherwise there would have been no sentence. 


Florida man May 3rd – Florida Man killed in an attempt to break world record


On Florida man May 3rd, a Florida man attempted to break the world record of holding their breath the longest in outer space, when he unfortunately gasped during a bout of reflux and his lungs imploded due to a combination of bodily reflux and the vacuum of space. 


The Florida man, who was named Justin Garant, was hoping to break David Blaine’s world record of holding his breath for over 40 minutes, when he took the faux breath at 27 minutes and 14 seconds, and his life came to an end shortly after. 


Astronauts rescued the Florida man within 1 minute and returned him to his shuttle before attempting CPR on him and unfortunately the Florida man could not be resuscitated. 


Our Florida man May 3rd thoughts


Wow, a drunken Florida man who didn’t know his friends were searching for him, a man who beat his grandmother and a man who almost set a world record in space, one thing is for certain, Florida man May 3rd isn’t boring.


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