Florida Man February 22nd – Florida Man Caught After Leaving Debit Card at Robbery

Florida man february 22nd

Florida man February 22 2015 – Florida man caught after he left his debit card inside a gas station he robbed at gunpoint


On Florida man February 22nd, a Florida man robbed a convenience store at gunpoint after a dispute with the owner over the prices of the house energy drink. The Florida man pulled out his gun, threatening the owner and made the owner empty the cashier before leaving with the goods and the money.


Unfortunately for the Florida man, he left his debit card inserted into the card reader, as the argument ensued shortly after the Florida man told the owner “these prices are mad you know”. 


When we caught up with the owner, he told us “inflation is high, prices of products are high and the bills are high, I can’t sell things for a loss otherwise I wouldn’t be open would I”. We also spoke to the first response officer, who told us “I know this kid, he’s actually a good kid, but it’s a shame that today was the day he decided to carry, and brandish his weapon in front of an innocent man and he’ll go down for that”. 


The Florida man, now named Jimmy Harrow, was sentenced to 12 years in prison for armed robbery, with 2 months of the sentence already served. 


After the trial we spoke to the judge, who told us “you could see remorse in the boys eyes, but if we didn’t sentence him to the maximum sentence then others would think they could get away with it”. 


Florida man February 22nd 2017 – Florida Man eats mistletoe during science experiment


On Florida man February 22nd, a Florida man ate mistletoe during a science experiment to see the effects on the human body, and sadly passed away one day later.


The Florida man had read that mistletoe was poisonous to humans, but believed he could counteract this poison by inserting coffee up his rectum before eating the mistletoe. 


The man theoreticized that the mistletoe would meet with the coffee and become a healthier substance within the human body, but unfortunately he got his information from a source that spreads misinformation on the internet. 


Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Florida man October 16th. 

Florida man February 22nd 2019 – Florida Man stoned to death after racial slur during rap competition


On Florida man February 22nd, a Florida man was stoned to death during a rap contest when he brought his opponents race into question, in front of the crowd. 


His opponent was of african american heritage, with a native American mother, meaning he was not of a set race in the Florida man’s eyes, and as such taunted the man for it. 


The rap battle was part of a larger competition that had been going on for 2 hours, and was in the final stages of judging before the slur was shouted, and due to the crowd being of similar ethnicity the mood lowered and riots began. 


An onlooker at the event told us “black lives matter, you can’t ever speak about a person’s color in a put down way, we are all from the same planet and now that man is no longer on this planet, it’s sad’.

Our Florida man February 22nd thoughts


Wow, armed robbery, coffee insertions and a rap song gone wrong, one thing is for certain, Florida man October 16th was not a boring date for the Florida man. 


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