Florida Man January 29th – Florida Man Attacks Lion at Zoo

Florida man January 29th

Florida Man January 29th is another random event for a Florida man who is living life in the danger zone. On January 29th, what did the Florida man do? Read the full story:


Florida man January 29th – Florida man attacks lion at the zoo with broken umbrella


On Florida man January 29th a Florida man was arrested at Florida Down Under zoo on January 29th for assaulting a lion with his broken umbrella. Onlookers were shocked at the Florida man’s behavior as he rushed into the lion enclosure during feeding and began assaulting the lion.


We spoke to a witness who told us “the man was crazed, it was like he had no regard for his own life and didn’t care about the lions either, he wanted to die”. Police were called as soon as he entered and shooters were arranged to sedate the lions as soon as humanly possible.


Before his arrest, the man managed to be maimed by the lion, who seemed more concerned with protecting his meal than attacking the man. The man in question, named John Sully was then attempting to get in the way of the shooters aiming to sedate the lions, but failed as they were able to shoot from an enclosure above.


The Florida man January 29th arrest


On Florida man January 29th a Florida man was arrested at the scene after the lions in the enclosure were sedated, the Florida man was dragged out by 2 officers as one could not restrain him on their own. When we caught up with the officers they told us “he said he wanted to die and be on the news so his mother would notice him for once”.


The Florida man January 29th sentence


The Florida man January 29th a received 140 hours of community painting service and a suspended sentence for no prior convictions, although he was also sentenced to mandatory therapy for 10 months payable by himself.


Our Florida man January 29th thoughts


Poor Florida man, a lack of attention during his childhood led him to do something this drastic later on in life. In similar fashion to other men across the country who were mistreated he lashed out later in life, we truly feel for this Florida man.

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