Florida Man August 22nd – Florida Man Steals Prized Pumpkins

Florida man August 22nd

Florida Man August 22nd is another terrible event in the life of the Florida man, on August 22nd what exactly happened? Read the full in depth story below:


Florida man August 22nd – Florida man steals prized pumpkins growing for Halloween


In the afternoon of Florida man August 22nd, a Florida man was caught stealing the pride of America’s greatest genetically modified pumpkins, thought to be worth around $1900 per seed. The genetically modified pumpkins were given an additional hormone to treble in size, and thankfully reproduced the results naturally through additional seeding.

The Florida man in question was caught on Sweetfields Farm, South Brooksville, Florida and was trespassing on private property at the time. The owner of Sweetfields Farm held the man up with a shotgun until police arrived.


The Florida man August 22nd arrest

The Florida man was arrested at the scene and had his pockets emptied of over 150 prized pumpkin seeds, stolen from destroying and picking one of the pumpkins that were on site behind a glass door. We caught up with the officers who arrested the Florida man and they told us “this is the weirdest theft we’ve ever dealt with, the fella didn’t think that he’d get caught but luckily he did, as the seeds were worth tens of thousands of dollars”.


The Florida man August 22nd sentence

The unlucky Florida man August 22nd was sentenced to 18 months in county court jail and sentenced to 40 hours of community service for his crimes. The Florida man, now named Jimmy Jackson, was seen in tears as he left. An onlooker told us “it should have been a much larger sentence, he’s always been buggering round in people’s bushes and he’s a total weirdo”.


Our Florida man August 22nd thoughts

Poor Jimmy, being caught stealing tens of thousands of dollars worth of seeds. But despite his tears, you must know that you cannot commit a crime and not deal with the time afterwards. If you’re interested in more stories about men thieving from farms, check this out from CA: There go the Math problem guys! 2 men arrested for stealing 57 watermelons from a farm (msn.com).

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