Florida Man January 18 – Florida Man Murders 29

Florida man January 18

Florida Man January 18 1993 was a date of infamy for Florida. It was yet another event from a Florida man that led to newspaper reporting across the country and exclusives across the continents. 


Florida Man January 18 1993 – Florida man arrested for attempted murder of group of 29


It was on this day, January 18 1993 that the Florida man attempted to murder 29 people in one sitting, whilst walking along a busy boulevard in Florida. 

The Florida man in question began his assault on club goers outside the most renown club at the time, attacking them with machete’s and his fathers M1 Garand from WW2. After quickly running out of bullets, he attached a bayonet on the end and attempted to charge a large group of clubbers exiting the club. 

Officers on the scene quickly discovered the man lay on his front, pinned by the men and women from the club chanting satanic verses. 

The arrest and sentence


The Florida man was arrested at the scene on January 18 1993 and sentenced to serve life in prison over the murder of 13 people, and attempted murder of an additional 16. The man in question was named George Barratt, an ex-army officer who believed that Satan was speaking through him, and as quoted by the judge “we believe some form of PTSD relapse happened and the man saw images from his time in Vietnam as hell on earth”, shortly followed by “the man is now incarcerated and will go through steady therapy to regain his mind, stress can do a lot to a man”. 


Florida Man January 18  2020 – Florida man steals walkie talkie


On Florida man January 18th 2020 a Florida man was arrested for stealing a walkie talkie from a local store. The Florida man decided that he wanted to follow his childhood dream of being a spy for the US government, and thought talking over the walkie talkie to others would reveal secret plots against the government. The Florida man was quickly arrested after leaving the store, and offered to pay the 18 dollar price tag on the walkie talkies, but unfortunately the Florida man had already attempted to steal them.


Florida Man January 18  2021 – Florida man hired by pentagon


On Florida man January 18th 2021 a Florida man was hired by the Pentagon after he created an elaborate plot to seize the state’s power. The Florida man had impressed senators and their secretaries with the elaborate plot, which included destroying 18 government buildings, with the 18th being the capitol building. The government was so impressed that they hired the Florida man, and decided to put him on the maximum available pay package.


Good news for this Florida man, his elaborate evil deed ended up getting him a high paid job in government, good job Florida man.


Florida Man January 18  2016 – Florida man eaten by alligator


On Florida man January 18th 2016 a Florida man was eaten by an alligator whilst out fishing with his two brothers. The Florida man was killed as he thought he’d hooked something large, and it happened to be a smaller alligator, and in revenge the mother gator attacked, rolled and killed the Florida man. Unfortunately for the Florida man, the alligator rolled 18 times before finally killing the Florida man. Unfortunate Florida man, if only he fished in alligator free waters.


Our thoughts


It always seems to happen in Florida, why is it always Florida? Will the Florida man ever rehabilitate and become part of a working society again? Will he find his place in the jail and become part of the better part of the community? Only time will tell. 


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