Florida Man July 10th – Florida Man Fights 12 Children

Florida man July 10th

Florida Man July 10th is another crazy event in the life of the Florida man, on July 10th what happened? Read the full in depth story below:


Florida man July 10th – Florida man fights 12 children after they attempt to sell him cookies


On the morning of July 10th, a Florida man was arrested for assaulting 12 children when they attempted to sell him cookies on Winkler Ave, Fort Myers, Florida. The Florida man was walking down the avenue after a long day working in a local restaurant when the small group stopped the Florida man to ask if he wanted to buy any cookies.


Reports say the Florida man began shouting erratically at the children, telling them that life isn’t fair and that selling crack would make them more money, when they refused, the Florida man began punching and biting the children.


The Florida man July 10th arrest


The Florida man was arrested on Solomon Boulevard after attempting to run following the assault. Police cornered him after receiving calls about his assault on the children and pinned the Florida man to the ground on July 10th. A witness told us “the man was totally mental, he’s broken children’s noses, bit their ears off and smashed all of their cookies”.


The Florida man July 10th sentence


The Florida man was sentenced to 6 years in county court jail for his assault on the children, and fined $300 which was the resale value of all of the cookies that he destroyed. The Florida man, now named as Dwight Greyson, was seen crying at the stand when his sentence was given. We caught up with the oldest member of the Jury who told us “back in my day we would have given him life, none of this soft 6 year rubbish, he attacked and maimed 12 children”.


Our Florida man July 10th thoughts


Oh Florida man, what is going on? You were a functioning member of society making your living when this happened, on your way home from a hard shift so you could relax and now you’ll be relaxing in prison for the next 6 years.

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