Florida Man October 12 – Florida Man Runs Seven Marathons in Seven Days

Florida Man October 12

Florida man October 12 2015 – Florida man ran seven marathons in seven days after his wife said she would leave him if he could do it

On Florida man October 12, a Florida man ran 7 marathons in 7 days when his wife promised him that she would finally leave if he could complete all 7.

A disgruntled Florida man and his wife came to an agreement where she would finally sign divorce papers if he could run 7 marathons in 7 days, and the Florida man accepted the challenge with no training, beginning the following day.

A video blog took place of the event where the Florida man documented each 5 miles and how he felt as he went, and the Florida man enjoyed every minute of it.

Reports say the Florida man shed 25 pounds of weight over the 7 days, and he utilized a combination of walk, jog, run methods to keep his energy levels at maximum the entire time.

The Florida man’s times are listed below –

  • Day 1 – 5:13:27
  • Day 2 – 5:04:09
  • Day 3 – 4:55:51
  • Day 4 – 4:59:08
  • Day 5 – 4:48:07
  • Day 6 – 5:39:45
  • Day 7 – 3:59:59

The Florida man, who documented the journey, was so happy during his final marathon that he PB’d by almost an hour. When we caught up with him, he told us “I just felt this energy, this freedom, and I just went for it. I’m 270 pounds, 6ft 8 and I’m chubby, but damn I gave it my all and I’l free now”.

Reports say the Florida man October 12th’s wife did not agree to the divorce afterwards, instead declaring her newfound love for her super fit husband.

Florida man October 12 2017 – Florida Man arrested for mixing meth into school childrens cookies

On Florida man October 12, a Florida man was arrested for mixing meth into cookies sold to him by girl scouts, as he sold them back the day after saying they did not taste right.

The girl scouts then took the cookies and shared them between their friends, and concerns were raised when some of the 9 year old girl scouts began attacking people and utilizing protractors to carve algebraic equations into their victims torso’s.

When all of the girl scouts were arrested, they killed one police officer and severely injured another. After they all slept and came round, tests were run and found that they must have had laced food, and after investigating camera footage they found the repeat offender Florida man, and arrested him for the crime.

Florida man October 12 2019 – Florida Man caught with his pants down when his wife paid adult star to test his loyalty

On Florida man October 12, a Florida man was caught being unloyal when his wife paid an adult film star to test his allegiance to her and he failed the test.

The Florida man October 12 was caught as he was climaxing, after a few clicks of his belt and pulling down his pants was enough to stimulate him enough to drop his wad on the adult film star.

The Florida man’s wife entered the room as this happened, and she was mortified at the result when she saw her husband dropping his load on the adult film star, who he confessed to being his favourite.

The couple from Florida man October 12 have since split up, with the man now dating the adult star as she was said to have enjoyed the experience thoroughly.

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Wow, that is a crazy set of Florida man stories. Seven marathons, meth and unfaithful husbands, who could even write this stuff.

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