Florida Man December 21 – Christmas Flagpole Assault

Florida Man December 21

Florida Man December 21 – Man Fights Officer with Flagpole at Christmas

A Florida man was arrested after attacking a police officer with a flagpole at the Capitol building, just in time for Christmas. 

The Florida man was arrested on December 21, 4 days before he was set to host Christmas for his gun-crazed family. Events in past years have included shooting the pig, bulletproof glass barrage and spotting the bullet in the haystack.

The Florida man December 21 was arrested earlier in the year, and was only taken into his new prison halls on Florida man Dec 21st, after a high court trial recommended he serve time for the assault.

The assault happened during the capitol riots, where president Trump incited his boys to raid and stop his loss of presidency under false claims. 

You can read more about the events of the capitol riots here, and of the man’s arrest attached.


Florida Man December 21 – Shark Yanks Florida Man into Water

On Florida man Dec 21st a shark yanked a Florida man into the water as he put his hand in to test the temperature, off the side of a boat.

The Florida man was quickly surprised as he was pulled into the water, and was dragged under by the shark before being quickly released.

The Florida man December 21 was luckily saved by his finger dislocating in the shark’s jaw, and freeing him from the grip of which would have spelled certain doom for the Florida man.

Read more about the shark attack here. 


Florida Man December 21 – Driving in Underwear and Socks

A Florida man dec 21st was arrested after being caught driving in his underwear and socks, high on meth after a hit and run.

The Florida man dec 21st was seen driving up the 95 towards Vero Beach whilst swinging between lanes, and was pulled over via citizen’s arrest when an onlooker was worried about his state of mind after seeing blood on the windshield. 

The Florida man pulled over, and was entranced believing the citizen was an undercover police officer, before being cuffed and pinned in pink fluffy BDSM cuffs from the back of the citizens pickup, awaiting police the police officers arrival. A man was found unconscious 15 miles down the highway, who was struck by the vehicle.

Read all about the notorious underwear driver here. 

Florida Man December 21 – Exploded From Eating Haribo

In the sunlit state of Florida, there resided a gentleman named Frank, who possessed a profound fondness for confectionery delights, particularly the chewy and delectable Haribo gummy bears. While Frank’s acquaintances and family were aware of his predilection for sweets, they remained oblivious to the extent of his infatuation.

One fortuitous day on Florida man December 21, Frank chanced upon an extensive sale at a local establishment, boasting remarkably economical prices on his beloved Haribo gummy bears. Succumbing to the allure of the opportunity, he impulsively acquired a staggering 65 bags of the vibrant treats, each bag teeming with sugary indulgence.

Eagerly bringing his cache of gummy bears home, Frank’s eyes shimmered with delight. He wasted no time in unsealing the first bag, savoring the chewy candies with evident zeal and abandon.

However, as the adage goes, “Moderation is key,” and Frank, consumed by his enthusiasm, paid no heed to this sage advice.

As the hours elapsed, Frank persistently devoured bag after bag, the thrill of the experience overwhelming any semblance of restraint. The influx of sugar triggered a potent rush, intensifying his fervor and propelling him further into his candied escapade.

As twilight descended, Frank’s candy binge escalated to an unprecedented degree. He had consumed a staggering 65 bags of Haribo gummy bears in a single day, an achievement that would indeed be remembered, albeit for less commendable reasons.

Unbeknownst to Frank, his body was undergoing a strenuous ordeal. The overwhelming influx of sugar and calories had surpassed the body’s capacity to assimilate, leading to internal distress.

Regrettably, the inevitable transpired, and Frank experienced what is colloquially termed a “sugar rush.” Although not a literal explosion, the metaphorical impact on his system was palpable.

News of Florida man Frank’s extraordinary candy indulgence rapidly circulated throughout the state, becoming a cautionary tale of the potential repercussions stemming from unbridled indulgence.

Thus, Frank’s story served as a poignant reminder that even the most delightful of treats ought to be savored in moderation, lest one find themselves grappling with an unforeseen consequence as peculiar as a gummy bear “explosion.”

Florida Man December 21 Final Thoughts

Florida man December 21 is a legendary date in the history of the Florida man for sure. Christmas time is crazy in the sunny state, one would think it was too late in the year for sharks to be around.

Have you checked out what Florida man has done on your birthday? Is it today, is it tomorrow, it it the other side of the year? If it’s not a date we have covered, please let us know in the comments below. 

People love the “Florida man” phenomenon because it’s all about those crazy and bizarre news stories that make you go, “What on earth is happening in Florida?” The attention-grabbing headlines, the hilarious memes, and the way Florida is stereotyped all add to the appeal. Plus, the stories spread like wildfire on social media, making “Florida man” a fun and entertaining part of pop culture.

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