Florida Man April 26 – Killed By Fentanyl

Florida Man April 26

Florida Man April 26 – Killed By Fentanyl

On Florida Man April 26, a Florida man unfortunately died of an overdose after taking too much Fentanyl early in the afternoon.

The Florida man, aged 27, had been a regular at the hospital due to his addiction problems, and was taking Fentanyl up to 15 times per day as his money would allow.

Shortly after losing his job due to his Fentanyl uptake, he began robbing men on the street for cash to fund his addiction. Unfortunately after robbing a man of over $6,000 cash outside a building site, he spent all of the cash on more Fentanyl, and sadly overdosed from taking too much the same day.

His family have been contacted, and appear to have been unaware of how large the problem was.


Florida Man April 26 2021 – Explosion at the Capitol Riots

Florida Man April 26 2021 is a story about a man who attempted to assault the capitol building with an explosive device. Daniel Ball, 38, from Homosassa is facing serious and stacking charges in connection with the attack, dating back to January 6 2021.

Mr.Ball was identified by his parole officer, after photos and videos of him were shared across social media utilising explosive devices against officers who were defending the Capitol building.

Officers were heard praying, as they thought they were going to die from the explosives that Mr.Ball threw, but thankfully they came away with minor burns and injuries.


Read more about the story here. 


Florida Man April 26 2019 – Florida Man Crashes Car Whilst Looking for Wifi

Florida Man April 26 2019 is a story of a Florida man who crashed a stolen SUV whilst looking frantically for a wifi connection. The Florida man jumped out of the moving SUV during the chase, and attempted to run into the nearest building in an attempt to get a wifi connection.

Allegedly Mr.Barr was hitchhiking to Kissimmee, and stole an SUV so he could find a good internet connection. The man is now in jail, without any form of internet connection.

Read more about the story of Michael Barr here.


Our Florida Man April 26 Thoughts


April 26 is a sad day for the Florida man it seems, Fentanyl deaths, rioting, explosives and a lack of wifi. One thing is for certain, April 26 is not a boring day in the life of the average Florida man.


If you liked the content, please don’t hesitate to check out some of our other Florida man content, these are all based upon true stories as hard as it is to believe, some of the headlines that Florida man has come up with are amazing.


Thank you for reading!

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