Florida Man June 18th – Free Florida Man Steals $2 Million Watch

Florida man June 18th

Florida man June 18th is another account of the Florida man being caught committing crime. On the 18th day of June What did the Florida man do? Read below to see the full story:


Florida man June 18th 2022 – Florida man arrested for stealing $2 million watch from shop window


On Florida man June 18th a Florida man was caught putting the wrong item in his pockets on June 18, the Florida man in question hailed from Jacksonville, and was on holiday in Orlando at the time of the crime. He walked past the shop front noticing the dazzling diamond watch before heading into the shop and enquiring about it. After enquiring and trying the watch on, the man, named Dain, attempted to distract the shop worker by asking to try on a gold necklace too. As the worker emptied the cabinet of the gold necklace, the Florida man Dain made a run for it. 


The Florida man June 18th arrest


The arrest was made on June 18 when authorities were called about the incident, they quickly cornered Dain on his way to the bus stop and questioned him about the watch. The Florida man attempted to pass the watch off as a cheap replica, but upon identification from the shop worker the man was apprehended and caught. 


The Florida man June 18th sentence


On Florida man June 18th the judge passed the sentence of 2 years in county court prison and 100 hours of community painting service post-sentence. As a witness, the shop worker spoke above the judges hammer to tell them that he deserves more, and the anxiety of dealing with high price jewels is too much for her to bear anymore after the theft. The Florida man, Dain, was seen welling up from the stand as he stood in shame, he apologized to the worker before being carted off to serve his time. 


Florida man June 26th was an epic story of a Florida man who was well deserving of a 2 year jail sentence. This Florida man, Dain, unfortunately will never be allowed near a jewel shop again.


Florida man June 18th 2008 – Florida man eats bad turkey


Florida man June 18 2008 is a story of a Florida man who unfortunately decided to eat a naughty turkey, after it decided to eat his lunch at a local breakfast restaurant in Florida. The Florida man saw the turkey approach him and thought to pet it, before it snatched the Florida man’s food and ran. The Florida man, enraged, decided to chase the turkey down, and shot it in the middle of the street.


On Florida man June 18 a the Florida man took the turkey home and cooked it, bullet and all, before police turned up to arrest the Florida man for discharging a gun in a public space.


The Florida man told us that he had no regrets, and did not care that he had discharged a gun in public, because no one touches his breakfast.


Our Florida man June 18th thoughts


This was not something I would expect from Florida, a man deserving of a jail sentence only receiving 2 years? We have seen double figures for those in the past, but luckily for Dain, he had a good history of no crime on his side. The other Florida man unfortunately did not take well to someone taking his breakfast, and now has a big reputation in his local lakeside town. Everyone in the area knows not to mess with that Florida man for sure. 


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