Florida Man August 11 – Florida Man Shoots Neighbor For Trimming Hedges

Florida man August 11

Florida Man August 11 – Florida man shoots neighbor in front of his 8 year old son for trimming hedges

On Florida man August 11 a Florida man shot his neighbor in cold blood when there was a disagreement over how much the victim could cut a tree back from his property, leading to a deadly altercation.

The Florida man, named as Edward Druzolowski, shot his neighbor after he believed that he had cut too much of the tree back over his land, unfortunately the victims son aged 8 was witness to the attack.

Police were called shortly after, and Edward was arrested at his residence.


Florida Man August 11 – Florida man arrested for hanging nazi flags from bridge

On Florida man August 11 a Florida man was caught after hanging Nazi flags from a bridge local to his home. The Florida man woke up and chose violence on that day, when his ‘liberal’ neighbor told him to be kind to others he decided to do the opposite, because he does what he wants.

The Florida man was caught and arrested shortly after, as he was so aroused by his own work that he pre-came on the flag before fleeing the scene. Police quickly investigated the sticky mess, and after a quick DNA test they had the name and address of the Florida man.

Armed police quickly gunned down his front door, and arrested the man for his crime. Naughty Florida man.


Florida Man August 11 – Florida man wins $5m after going out for sandwich

On Florida man August 11 a Florida man won 5 million dollars on a cheap lottery ticket after going out to pick up a sandwich from the local butty shop. The man left his home in search of a meatball and avocado burrito, and came home a rich man after buying a cheap $2.50 lottery ticket with his sandwich. The man left as an ordinary man, and came home a legend.

Later that day, the man was seen at a local bar, purchasing everybody round after round before passing out and excreting fecal matter all over several bar stools that he was using to prop himself up. Once again the man went out as an ordinary man, and has become stuff of legend. Tales of the Florida man continue to spread as he lives a new extravagant lifestyle, with legendary tales reaching the far corners of the earth.

Reports say the man has already spent the $5m on exotic dancers and adult internet subscriptions.


Our Florida Man August 11 Thoughts

As Florida seems to be a crazy state to live in, we thought we would include a how to travel safely to Florida part of this post.


Florida man stories may sometimes seem farfetched, however we can assure you all three of these stories are real and true, so keep yourselves safe out there.

Plan and Research: Get familiar with the area, local customs, and emergency contacts before you go.

Choose Safe Accommodations: Opt for well-reviewed and centrally located places to stay.

Stay Cautious at Night: Stick to well-lit and populated areas, and use reputable transportation options.

Sun Protection: Don’t forget sunscreen, protective clothing, and stay hydrated in the Florida sun.

Respect Wildlife: Keep a safe distance from wildlife and follow any posted guidelines or warnings.

Stay Informed About Weather: Keep an eye on forecasts, especially during hurricane season, and follow local recommendations.

Guard Against Mosquitoes: Use repellent and wear long sleeves during peak mosquito times.

Secure Your Belongings: Keep valuables secure and avoid carrying large amounts of cash.

Practice Water Safety: Swim in designated areas with lifeguards and pay attention to warnings.

Trust Your Instincts: If something feels off, trust your gut and seek help if needed.

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