Florida Man August 11 – Florida Man Bakes Family Parts Into Pie

Florida Man August 11

Florida Man August 11 – Florida man bakes family into pie

On Florida Man August 11, a Florida man named John Perkins took the law into his own hands when his mother, father and brother all stole an item from his life as payment for his recent misbehaviours.

John’s car was taken by his father, his motorbike by his mother and his Xbox by his brother. Instead of calling law enforcement, John took the law into his own hands by shooting all of his family during prayer before dinner, and as an act of true cruelty, cooked parts of their bodies into several pies that he sold online.

After a string of complaints about his new pie restaurant & concerns that his family had not been attending their jobs, John received a visit by police officers, and after a short search of the property they found several dismembered parts of John’s family with flesh scooped out, in the freezer. 

John was quickly pinned down and arrested, and is due to be sentenced by December 2023. 


Florida Man August 11 – Car Chase City

On Florida Man August 11, a Florida man was driving to work when he ran a red light in front of police officers. 

Officers quickly turned their lights on and began pursuit of the man, and as the Florida man saw him in the mirrors he decided he had to floor it to his office. 

The Florida man proceeded to run over several people, destroying lamp posts, raised curbs, and narrowly missing a dog on his rampage through the city before he came to a stop in the middle of a traffic jam. 

The Florida man was dragged out of his car by officers and slammed on the ground, soiling himself on impact. 

When speaking to the officers, they told us that the Florida man had just had a sip of coffee before the lights, and he desperately needed to poo. Although it was no excuse for his actions, officers were empathetic to the mans situation, “no one wants to be in that situation” officer Rodriguez told us. “He’s going to serve a long time in jail for his hit and runs, do you get it haha!”


Florida Man August 11 – Ace Of Hearts

On Florida Man August 11, a Florida man was arrested at an illegal poker championship after being caught slipping an ace of hearts into his hand, winning himself over $700,000. 

A fight quickly ensued when the man was questioned about how he acquired the ace of hearts, when it had not yet been pulled from the deck. The owner of the establishment checked the footage back of each of the poker players hands, and found that the Florida man had quickly swapped out a 3 of spades for the ace. 

Officers arrived shortly after when a neighbor called the police due to the noise, and confiscated the entire prize pool along with almost $1,700,000 worth of Class A substances. It was a great catch for the officers, not so great for the Florida man and his associates. 


Final Florida Man August 11 Thoughts

What a crazy set of stories on Florida man August 11. You couldn’t write half of this stuff, a want-to-be baker, a car poo chase and an illegal card game brought to justice, it truly was a mish-mashed date for the Florida man.

Have you checked out what Florida man has done on your birthday? If it’s not a date we have covered, please let us know in the comments below.

Thank you so much for reading, if you want to see some other amazing Florida man content, have a look at the news section across my blog!

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