Florida Man January 31st – Florida Man Steals Nobel Peace Prize

Florida man January 31st

Florida Man January 31st was a disastrous day for local Floridians, what did the Florida man do on January 31st? Read the full story here:


Florida Man January 31st – Florida man steals nobel peace prize before award ceremony


On January 31st 2014 a Florida man was arrested for stealing the nobel peace prize before it was awarded out during the ceremony. The Florida man, named Jules Witwicky was caught by security as he attempted to exit the building with the granite engraved award.


The Nobel peace prize was due to be handed out and split between two people for their huge contributions to India and Pakistan, the women due the award were named as Malala Yousafzai and Kailash Satyarthi. You can take a look at their great deeds and reasoning for the award here: The Nobel Peace Prize 2014 – NobelPrize.org.


The Florida man January 31st arrest


Officers were alerted to the man’s presence and quickly arrested him on Florida man January 31st with the peace prize in his hand, he believed his efforts against ‘hard left’ organizations should have warranted him the award. He was then flown back to his state in America via the US embassy and was detained upon arrival.


The Florida man January 31st sentence


On Florida man January 31st the Florida man was sentenced to 8 months in federal prison for his attempt at stealing the nobel peace prize. He was seen smirking at the stand as his sentence was announced, and was heard whispering “I’ll get it next time” when leaving the building and entering the police vehicle.


Our Florida man January 31st thoughts


Wow, just when we thought the Florida man couldn’t surprise us any more, he went and flew out to steal an award that he absolutely did not deserve. Well done to the two who were awarded the nobel peace prize, and hopefully when the Florida man is released he doesn’t try again.

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