Florida Man September 21 – Florida Man Arrested for Poisoning Water

Florida man September 21

Florida Man September 21 is another random event in the life of the Florida man, on September 23rd what happened? Read the full in depth story below:


Florida man September 21 – Florida man arrested for poisoning local water supply


On Florida man September 21, a Florida man was arrested for poisoning the water supply after residents had complained of the discoloration and smell coming from the taps. The Florida man had been spotted leaving the local water treatment plant each evening but was thought to be a worker, until discovered on camera dropping dead animals into the water works.

We caught up with police when they told us “the man was totally deranged when we caught him, he didn’t believe anything that we told him”. It turns out the Florida man had recently undergone brain surgery, and was living 3 roads down from his house in a cardboard box as he had forgotten where he lived, amongst who he was.

Locals were seen breathing a sign of relief as the Florida man was brought to the police’s attention, as he had been causing disturbances over the course of many months as his mental capacity deteriorated. 


The Florida man September 21 arrest


The Florida man September 21, now named as Dean Header, was arrested in the cardboard home that he had built early on September 23rd. Upon his arrest, he began screaming profane words at the police officers, before being dragged to the ground and hauled into the police vehicle. When we caught up with the police officers, they told us “the man was completely mentally deficient, we have no idea how he isn’t locked away in an asylum”. Another officer told us “it’s sad to see a man living like he is, I’ve never seen anything like it. I just hope he finds god within himself and sees the light of day again, and stops trying to kill innocent people”. 


The Florida man September 21 sentence


The sentence for the Florida man on September 21 was 12 months in a state funded jail, with additional assistance funded to aid his speech and memory issues. An old neighbor of the man told us “it’s just not right, he has paid taxes all of his life and was a good man, this is down to a brain injury it’s just not Dean”.


When we caught up with the judge, he told us “this is legit one of the worst trials I have ever had to judge, the guy was away with the fairies and he had no clue who he was or why he was here”. “Let’s hope god shows him the path and fixes his brain damage”. 


When ending the trial, the judge gave a breakdown of what happened when the Florida man began tainting the water. “Water can be contaminated by various substances such as chemicals, pollutants, minerals, bacteria, viruses, etc, affecting its quality and making it unsafe for consumption. Sources of water contamination include industrial waste, agricultural runoff, sewage, and natural sources.” “It is clear that this source of contamination is unnatural, with the use of dead animals, and as such should be treated as criminal”. 


Our Florida man September 21 thoughts


It seems Dean has been very unlucky with his surgery and the effects it has had on him. We are sure lucky that the Florida man is currently in Jail with the hurricane going on. If you want to see what another Florida man has managed to do with himself and water, check out this article – Florida man survives Hurricane Ian by floating on a sofa for two-and-a-half hours | World News | Sky News. If you want to see more Florida man stuff, check out this article

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