Florida Man August 7 – Florida Man Shot At Pride

Florida man August 7

Florida man August 7 – Florida man shot after he attempted to drive a bus into a busy protest

On Florida man August 7, a Florida man was shot after he tried to drive a stolen bus into a crowd on a busy street during US pride. 

The Florida man, who was an avid Christian and ‘worker of god’ decided to interpret the bible in such a way that he began hating several different minority groups, including those within the LGBTQ+ community across the US. 

The man stole a bus, knocking out the bus driver and throwing him into the road before driving and attempting to mow down crowds at the event. 

The Florida man was thankfully shot in the back of the head by a bus passenger before he could drive into the crowd, and the bus was brought to a safe halt close to a group of over 200 pride goers. 

The man who shot the aggressor in the head has since been arrested for public display of a weapon, and it is thought that he will likely serve over 10 years in prison for the offense. Others do not agree with the sentence, as it was his quick thinking that allowed the people attending Pride in Orlando to stay safe. 

Read more about the story here


Florida man August 7 – Florida man arrested for attempting to hang himself

On Florida man August 7, a Florida man was arrested for attempting to hang himself at work when his boss had promised him a cushy position, and allowed him to be usurped after all of his hard work for the position. 

The Florida man, who had been working hard for the past 12 months training to become an operations manager, was promised that if he undertook certain incredibly difficult and complex tasks, that he would be given the job without a second thought. 

Some of the tasks included incredibly complex coding, a plethora of spreadsheets and several tasks at once with a communication multiplex between many areas of the business requiring several layers of micro-managing others and their work loads. 

The Florida man August 7 then completed all of the work, exceeding all expectations of time frame, sacrificing his own evenings and weekends to get the work done and in place ready for his advancement, only to find out that the job was given to an untrained colleague from another department. 

The Florida man was then expected to train the new colleague on all aspects of the cushy position that he had been training for. Shortly after this, the Florida man August 7 attempted to hang himself, stating that his brain just could not handle the web of lies and dishonesty that he has been put through.  

What a joke, we really feel for this Florida man. Read more about it here. 


Florida man August 7 – Florida man arrested for accusing China of creating viruses to spread around the world

On Florida man August 7, a Florida man was arrested after he accused China of creating man made viruses to spread around the world, quoting that the SARS outbreak was the first of many to come. 

The Florida man, who is a paranoid Schizophrenic, accused China of manufacturing viruses to affect world economies to bring themselves to the forefront of global economic power, to overthrow the world as their overpopulation issue is set to cause mass expansion within the next 15 years he says. 

The Florida man is currently serving time in an institution for his delusions, although many think his claims are founded. 

Florida man August 7 – Florida man arrested for eating prized cabbage 

Once in the vibrant state of Florida, there lived a man named Jake, renowned for his quirky and unpredictable nature. Known for finding himself in peculiar predicaments, he was about to embark on an adventure that would leave the town talking for years to come.

One fine day, as Jake strolled through the local farmer’s market, he stumbled upon a sight that caught his attention – a colossal, prized cabbage that had garnered quite the reputation. Whispers in the market spoke of its extraordinary value, rumored to be worth a staggering $600,000! The allure of this remarkable vegetable proved irresistible to Jake’s adventurous spirit.

Without a moment’s thought, Jake reached out and took a daring bite from the prized cabbage, sending shockwaves through the crowd. Gasps and murmurs of disbelief filled the air, while the cabbage’s owner stood there, aghast at the audacity of Jake’s actions. The cabbage’s value, once sky-high, was now diminished by a single impulsive act.

Law enforcement was promptly summoned, and Jake found himself in a pickle, facing the consequences of his cabbage caper. He was arrested and led away, the weight of his reckless decision heavy on his shoulders.

As news of the peculiar incident spread, the town erupted with laughter and bemusement. “Only in Florida,” they chuckled, amused by the extraordinary tale of the cabbage-eating man.

In court, Jake faced the judge with a mix of embarrassment and remorse. Even the courtroom couldn’t resist cracking smiles, finding the whole situation amusing and surreal.

Ultimately, Florida Man August 7 Jake was handed a sentence of community service and ordered to reimburse the cabbage’s owner for the devalued vegetable. He humbly carried out his service, becoming known as “The Cabbage Man,” a character whose legend would endure for years.

The tale of the Florida man who dared to sample a prized cabbage worth over $600,000 became a staple in local folklore. It served as a reminder that life’s most unforgettable moments often emerge from the most unexpected adventures – a story that would bring laughter and wonder to all who heard it.

Our Florida man August 7 thoughts

Wow, Florida man August 7 was crazy. A man attempting to drive a bus into a crowd, a Florida man with some workplace issues and one that actually turned out to potentially be true years later (if you listen to the conspiracy theorists). 

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