Florida Man December 17 – Trapped in Unlocked Closet

Florida man december 17

Florida Man December 17 Trapped in Unlocked Closet for 2 days

A Florida man on the 17th December was freed after being trapped in a closet for 2 days. 

The Florida man, Jake Dunn, was trapped in a closet that was unlocked for 2 days, after taking several mushrooms and hiding from the extremely potent psychedelic effects. 

The Florida man was freed by his mother, who had found him only via the smell in his room as he was unable to leave to go to the toilet, and thankfully broke him out of his trance. 

You can read more about the Florida man December 17 here


Florida Man December 17 Shot Dog in Face

A Florida man was arrested on Florida man December 17 after neighbors called the cops when they heard gunshots coming from his home. 

The Florida man on Dec 17th was seen exiting his home shortly after, covered in blood. The neighbor went to his home to investigate and found the Florida man’s dog deceased, without a face. 

It was apparent that the Florida man had killed his dog. 

Cops were called and the Florida man was arrested in a local bar, still covered in blood. The story behind the dog is a sad one, with the dog being owned by his ex partner who left him for a golfing pro.

If you want to read more about this harrowing story of a Florida man shooting his dog in the face, follow the link attached. 


Florida Man December 17 Pool Cleaner Shooter Cleared

On December 17th Florida man a man was arrested but cleared, after shooting a pool cleaner 30 times whilst he was cleaning the pool.

The story behind this is much more sinister, as the Florida man found the pool boy and his wife the same morning sharing oral. 

The Florida man December 17 unfortunately got away with the shooting, citing that he believed the pool cleaner was an intruder, and due to the nature of the visit not being booked the courts believed the Florida man. 

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Florida Man December 17 Trapped By A Cat

Allow me to recount an extraordinary tale involving a gentleman from Florida, whom we shall refer to as Joe. It happened on a pleasant afternoon as he leisurely strolled around his backyard, intending to enjoy the radiant Florida sun. Little did he know that an unusual encounter awaited him – a mischievous and remarkably agile cat.

This feline, unlike any ordinary cat, possessed an almost uncanny ability to move with stealth and precision. Observing Joe’s movements, the cat, whom we shall call Whiskers, saw an opportunity for mischief and decided to take advantage of the situation.

Joe, unsuspecting of what was about to unfold, ventured toward his garden shed, entirely unaware that the door was ajar, inviting exploration. In a swift and surprising display of feline dexterity, Whiskers darted into the shed and, astonishingly, managed to shut the door behind them, effectively trapping Joe inside.

Inside the shed, Joe found himself surrounded by various items, a collection of what some might consider “hoarder’s paradise”: rusty tools, entangled fishing rods, and boxes filled with miscellaneous objects.

While one might expect Joe to appeal to the cat for assistance, Whiskers had other ideas. Seemingly delighted with its antics, the cat perched atop a stack of cardboard boxes, gazing down at Joe with an air of self-satisfaction. It was as if Whiskers were subtly mocking Joe, implying, “You find yourself in a predicament, my friend. Enjoy your brief confinement!”

Time passed slowly, and Joe’s predicament persisted. His attempts to call for help were in vain, as the shed’s isolation rendered his cries unheard amidst the daily commotion of the Florida neighborhood.

Thankfully, fate intervened in the form of Joe’s neighbor, Mrs. Jenkins, a benevolent and observant individual. She heard faint calls for assistance through her open window and followed the sound to the source. To her surprise, she discovered Joe, trapped inside his own shed. Perched aloof on the boxes, Whiskers retained an air of poise, seemingly untroubled by the unfolding events.

Displaying her neighborly concern, Mrs. Jenkins promptly opened the shed’s door, and Joe was liberated from his confinement. Whiskers, recognizing the change in circumstance, swiftly made its departure, perhaps seeking further misadventures elsewhere.

Although relieved to be free, Joe could not escape the embarrassment of explaining how he found himself confined by a cat within his own shed. It became an amusing and memorable tale shared among neighbors, a testament to the extraordinary and unpredictable events that can transpire in the charming state of Florida.

For those who venture to Florida, it is advisable to remain wary of the seemingly innocuous feline residents, as their impish nature might lead to intriguing, albeit peculiar, encounters.

Florida Man December 17 Final Thoughts

Blimey, the Florida man December 17 sure got away with that one. It seems Florida man December 17 is a rogue date for the Florida man. Hell is empty, and all the devils are here.

Have you checked out what Florida man has done on your birthday? If it’s not a date we have covered, please let us know in the comments below. 

The legend of “Florida man” has arisen from a series of extraordinary and eccentric news stories that have surfaced from the state. These tales typically involve men from Florida engaging in unusual and daring activities, captivating audiences with their bizarre and humorous escapades. The state’s distinctive environment, diverse population, and the peculiar way news stories are covered have all played a role in creating the epic and entertaining persona known as “Florida man.”


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