Florida Man July 13 – Bartender at Fort Lauderdale Burned to Death

Florida Man July 13

Florida man July 13 2015 – Bartender at Ford Lauderdale burned to death when vodka set fire 

On Florida man July 13, a Florida man was burned to death when he attempted to light vodka as he poured it. The bottle proceeded to explode as the fire entered, and the Florida man was covered in liquor fueled flames, eventually burning to death.

Onlookers were screaming at the bar when the Florida man burst into flames, with the Florida man attempting to sprint to sea to put the flames out, unfortunately falling short by 50 meters before passing out and burning to death.

When we caught up with an onlooker, he told us “it was crazy man, it’s like a scene from hell or something. He just set alight and was screaming and running, he had the right idea but the bar was just so far from the sea he couldn’t make it, it was like throwing a molotov on someone, you can’t survive that”.

Our thoughts are with the Florida man and his family, who have received thoughts and prayers from all over the world.

The bar is currently being sued for inadequate training with pyrotechnics, noting that they are a bar that ‘work with alcohol and fire’ with full safety training given.

Florida man July 13 2017 – Florida Man destroys Malteser factory

On Florida man July 13, a Florida man destroyed a Malteser factory when he added too much malt to the mix and the mixing machine churned and exploded.

The Florida man, who was a trainee at the factory, was left unsupervised when adding the correct amount of malt to the biscuit mix, and unfortunately misread the instructions.

The instructions said to add 1.5 bags of malt to the mix, unfortunately not noting that bags meant satchels, and not the bulk 1 tonne bags that come in through the delivery depot.

Shortly after having the malt moved, the Florida man July 13th shoveled 1.5 tonnes of malt into the machine, compacting the malt thoroughly to make sure it all fit, and when he switched it on he was met with several shudders, and a large explosion with fiery shrapnel flying across the factory into several flammable areas.

Shortly after, several machines caught fire and the factory caught light, exploding and sending over 900 workers flying out of the building with shockwaves. Thankfully no one was hurt, bar a few scratches and broken ribs.

An investigation is currently ongoing into why full training was not given, and Maltesers are covering all medical expenses of the staff who were hurt.

Florida man July 13 2019 – Florida Man arrested for attempting to freeze his wife

On Florida man July 13, a Florida man was arrested for attempting to freeze his wife when she denied him a night out with the boys.

The Florida man was due to go out with all of the guys from work when his wife decided she wanted to spend the evening with him instead. She was met with resistance when he said it’s the yearly get together, to which she said “I’m your wife, what I say goes”.

The Florida man then decided to try a last ditch plea to go out, offering his wife a takeaway and a new prada bag, which she denied in preference to his company.

Shortly after, screams were heard and the police were called as the Florida man stuffed his wife into the freezer and padlock & chained the door shut.

The Florida man then proceeded to take the freezer to the local skip and drop it in, wrapped in insulation and soundproofing foam. Police were called when she was discovered when a family came to collect the freezer from the skip, and found her inside near death, and the Florida man was arrested during his night out with the boys.

Our Florida man July 13 thoughts

Wow, a bartender on fire, a blown up Malteser factory and a man trying to freeze his wife, one thing is for sure, Florida man July 13th is not boring.

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