Florida Man November 24th – Florida Man Demolishes 7 Houses

Florida man November 24th

Florida Man November 24th is another scary event in the life of the Florida man. On the 24th November, what did the Florida man do? Read the in depth story below:


Florida man November 24th 2007 – Florida man destroys 7 houses after hiring digger when drunk


On Florida man November 24th 2007 a Florida man destroyed 7 houses after he came back from a frat party drunk and manned his fathers digger in the yard. The Florida man unfortunately lost control of the digger and left it on full speed when falling off, and knocking himself out on the ground when he landed. 


When the Florida man woke, he saw the destruction before him with 7 demolished homes that had been driven straight through, and many crying families who would not be able to afford the repairs that he’d caused. The Florida man, now named as Dustin Zimmerman, handed himself into the local police station before the police could come to collect him.


Florida man November 24th 2019 – Florida man saves duck from gang of bikers


On Florida man November 24th a Florida man on November 24th 2019 saved a duck from certain doom when he saw a group of bikers pick it up and attempt to put it on their BBQ at a beach near Miami, Florida. 


The Florida man swooped in, grabbed the live duck and made off on one of the motorbikes, which was left with its keys in and revving. The Florida man threw the duck to safety when he rode over a nearby bridge, and returned the bike before being beaten by the motorcyclists for taking their lunch away. 


When we caught up with the Florida man, he told us that it is our duty to not cause pain to animals where unnecessary, and that the bikers did not care about the pain they would have put the duck through when cooking it alive. 


Florida man November 24th 2020 – Florida man burns down forest after stunt gone wrong


On Florida man November 24th a Florida man was arrested for starting a large forest fire when a stunt went wrong on November 24th 2020. The Florida man was attempting to jump 400 trees on his motorbike with the aid of fireworks on the back of the bike. When the fireworks went off, they propelled the Florida man the required distance to make the jump but unfortunately set a multitude of trees below on fire along the way. 


The Florida man was arrested and charged for the damages to the land, and the damages to the adjacent properties to the forest also, totalling almost $10m in damages. As the Florida man could not afford the payment, he was sentenced to a 17 month suspended sentence with 300 hours of good will service to recuperate the forest. 


Our Florida man November 24th thoughts


We’ve had burned down forests, smashed down houses and a duck savior on November 24th through the Florida man’s history. It’s a date that will likely live in infamy for the Florida man who burned the forest down, and same for the Florida man who destroyed his neighbors houses. 


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I think you’ll agree with us that the two articles that we’ve linked above are totally insane. One is a mass stapler, and the other beat his wife for 12 years before her death, it’s crazy! Thank you for reading.

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