Florida Man February 11th – Florida Man Sentenced for Indecency

Florida man February 11th

Florida Man 11th February is yet another account of a Florida man being caught out for bad behaviour. On the 11th day of February what did the Florida man do? Read the full story here:


Florida Man February 11th – Arrested and Sentenced for Public Indecency


Police chased a man through Orlando, Florida for public indecency on the 11th February. The Florida man in question was named Rocco Smith, and had a troubled past of similar activities. When the police caught up to the Florida man, the man was heart screeching and making moaning noises to deter the officers before the takedown. 


Onlookers were in shock when he began running from the police officers, with one onlooker screaming and covering her child’s eyes at the Florida man’s small disfigured schlong.


The Florida man February 11th arrest as it happened

Police officers

The officers chased the Florida man February 11th for 300 meters before catching him and taking him down. One officer recounted that the Florida man was aided in his avoidance of the officers by flatulating in the officers paths and urinating towards them, but the arrest was made swiftly once the Florida man had lost his speed on a bend. 


The police officers proceeded to take out the Florida man, shoving him down to the ground, and getting covered un urine along the way. When the Florida man was finally in handcuffs, he began screaming that he was struggling to breathe, and the officers had to move him into the back of the van as quickly as possible as it was one of his usual public disturbance methods.


When we caught up with the officers after the arrest they told us that the Florida man ‘Rocco’ was a repeat offender and that this was one of the more tame events that happened, and that he may well serve jail time this time for being a repeat offender. 


The Florida man February 11th sentence


The Florida man February 11th named Rocco, was sentenced to 140 hours of community service for his act of indecency and flashing members of the public. It was heard in court that his mother said “I’m glad he has been caught, he has always been a bugger for this sort of thing and he needs to learn his lesson”. The Florida man will begin his community service on March 24th and will work with community officers to better himself in the future. 


When we caught up with the judge, he told us “this man is a menace, he’s always pulling stunts like these and he gets away with a little bit of work, so he does it again. The justice system in our state needs totally overhauling so us judges can decide sentences for repeat offenders like this man”.


As the trial concluded, the Florida man February 11th approached us, and told us “140 hours is nothing, they let us spread it over 2 years so I’ll probably do it a few more times this year, I do what I want”. One thing is for certain, this Florida man really does not care about what the law has to say.


Our Florida man February 11th thoughts


It could only happen in Florida, why do these things continue to happen? It seems Florida needs some additional funding to get some of these young men into hobbies. If you want to see more Florida man stories, check them out here: https://knitwitch.com/florida-man-may-22nd/


Many thanks for reading, and from all of us here at Knitwitch we hope you have a lovely rest of your day. If you have any suggestions for Florida man content, please drop them in the comment box, we would love to see them.


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