Florida Man May 22nd – Florida Man Burns Aunt With Acid

Florida man May 22nd

Florida Man May 22nd is another scary event in the life of the Florida man. On the 22nd May, what did the Florida man do? Read the in depth story below:


Florida man May 22nd 2012 – Florida man burns aunt with acid after being spiked at work party


On Florida man May 22nd a Florida man burned his aunt with acid after he was spiked at a work party with a toxic combination of meth and Viagra. The work colleague was hoping to get lucky with the Florida man after feeding him the concoction, but unfortunately the Florida man soon left and headed home before freaking out in the presence of his family, and throwing acid over his aunt. 


The Florida man was quickly seized and arrested, and was sent to jail for 22 years for his crime. This Florida man was very unlucky, because if the colleague wouldn’t have spiked him, he would be living his life happily as he was before, an unlucky Florida man. 

Florida man May 22nd 2019 – Florida man sinks million dollar yacht


On Florida man May 22nd a Florida man sank a million dollar yacht on Miami beach on May 22nd when he decided to open fire with his AR12 rifle, attempting to shoot at boys in the water as target practice. Unfortunately for the Florida man, the wind whipped the bullets up and he shot an incoming yacht 22 times in the hull. 


The yacht began to sink and all aboard jumped ship, whilst the Florida man, none the wiser, continued to shoot into the sea. 


Florida man May 22nd 2022 – Florida man arrested for inciting ancient ritual


On Florida man May 22nd a Florida man was arrested on the 22nd may for sacrificing 300 pregnant goats to Satan when he began an ancient ritual that was meant to bring him riches beyond his wildest dreams. The Florida man in question, named Freddy Johnson, was arrested as he was finalizing the required 50 gallons of blood for the ritual. 


Officers at the scene were mortified, and were seen crying on each others shoulders as they emptied the vats of blood. “What a waste” said one officer, whilst the other said “all that steak, gone to waste”. 


Our Florida man May 22nd thoughts


They sure are some unlucky Florida man stories from May 22nd, what a date, the stories were incredible we think. If you want to see more, check some other Florida man stories out here: https://knitwitch.com/florida-man-june-18/

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