Florida Man July 14th – Florida Man Shot in Ukraine

Florida Man July 14th

Florida man July 14th 2020 – Florida man shot after flying to Ukraine to help feed the homeless


On Florida man July 14th, a Florida man was shot in Ukraine after flying over to feed the homeless after the latest Russian invasion. 


There have been many events over the past 10 years where Russia imposed it’s power upon Ukraine, sending the military in to control the population and to aid political decisions in favor of Russia, but unfortunately for many citizens they would be left homeless and without food.


The Florida man July 14th decided to fly over and spend his hard earned business money on feeding those left on the streets, and on his first day of visiting he was shot point blank, after passing bread to a group of homeless men outside their old homes. 


The Florida man, known as Dustin Parker, was shot before he was able to hand enough food out for everyone, and was killed by a member of the Russian military as they believed he was attempting to cause an uprising with his generosity. 


US authorities have been in contact with the President of Ukraine and also Putin, with Putin stating that he would respond with adequate force if the US avenged or intervened in the current occupation.


The funeral for Dustin is to be held on July 22nd, a faux coffin will be carried as he body could not be retrieved. 


Florida man July 14th 2021 – Florida Man arrested for slapping Will Smith


On Florida man July 14th, a Florida man was arrested for slapping and assaulting Will Smith weeks before the Oscars. The Oscar nominated actor was at a local gym in Florida whilst filming for his upcoming film Emancipation, when he was approached and slapped by another man in the gym for refusing to give him money.


Footage showed that the Florida man approached Mr.Smith shortly before swinging at him, and Will Smith’s bodyguards responded with reasonable force subduing the Florida man whilst police were called. 


An onlooker told us “we were all starstruck when he came in, this is a man we all respect so much and wouldn’t hurt a fly, and now he’s been slapped by a random man, you don’t know what that would do to someone’s head, what if he goes and slaps someone else now?”


Thankfully Will was not hurt in the attack, and can continue his production of Emancipation. 


Florida man July 14th 2022 – Florida Man saves bus full of children


On Florida man July 14th, a Florida man saved a bus full of children from a local homeless man when he boarded a school bus with a machete and began swinging for several children. 


Thankfully the Florida man, who was walking by the bus at the time, saw the man pull out the machete and entered the bus behind him, entering him into a triangle choke hold and biting his atm so he could not swing, until he was unconscious.


The Florida man, who is being hailed a hero, was named as James Dean by authorities, and is in line to receive several awards for his bravery. 


The homeless man, who remains nameless, was sentenced to 18 years in prison which will take him to end of life care as he is over the age of 70 and in ill health. 


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Florida man July 14th is as crazy as all of the other dates too. If you want to see more Florida man content, check it out here and here. If you want to see some of the other awesome content we have on offer, check that out here too. 


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