Florida Man May 23rd – Florida Man Flies Into Empire State Building

Florida man May 23rd

Florida Man May 23rd is another scary event in the life of the Florida man. On the 23rd May, what did the Florida man do? Read the in depth story below:


Florida man May 23rd 2014 – Florida man flies into empire state building when drunk


On Florida man may 23rd a Florida man flew into the Empire State building when he took off on a DIY plane that he built in his backyard. The plane was made out of 16 propellers and used bicycle chains to keep the propellers moving whilst the Florida man cycled to keep the plane in the air. 


Unfortunately for the Florida man, twelve of the propellers came off when an updraft of wind came, and the Florida man began a fast descent towards the Empire State building, before his rudders collapsed due to wind pressure and sent him in a nose dive through a window on the 77th floor. 


Florida man May 23rd 2015 – Florida man smells out school gymnasium


On Florida man May 23rd a Florida man was detained after entering a school gymnasium during a championship basketball game and defecating underneath the stands in 3 different areas. The Florida man had snuck in during the pre-game celebrations and left 3 puddles of wet stool in different areas of the gymnasium before stealing people’s drinks and sneaking out. 


The stool was found after multiple complaints of bad smells in the stands, and the game was abandoned due to the crowd entering the court to get away from the stands. The Florida man was arrested after CCTV caught a glimpse of his face, and he was sentenced to 100 hours of community service replacing the floors and décor at the high school. 


Florida man May 23rd 2022 – Florida man sells out box office fighting kangaroo


On Florida man May 23rd 2022 a Florida man sold out the pay per view box office when he signed a contract to box with a kangaroo, we have been told. 


The kangaroo in question was well known across youtube for beating people up, and the Florida man was seen telling others that he’d had enough of the kangaroo’s attitude and wanted to show him what a man who can fight back can do. At the end of the fight, the kangaroo stood victorious, as the Florida man was knocked unconscious from a tailwhip to the chin. Referees say that the move was fully legal, although the win was in dubious circumstances. 


Our Florida man May 23rd thoughts


That’s a few unlucky Florida man stories right there. Our main question though, is how on earth did the officials not strike the kangaroo’s win off his record, surely you can’t use a tail in an arms only boxing fight?


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