Florida Man May 29th – Florida Man Arrested After Selling Glue To Children

Florida man May 29th

Florida Man May 29th is another crazy event in the life of the Florida man. On the 29th May, what did the Florida man do? Read the in depth story below:


Florida man May 29th 2019 – Florida man goes to jail after being caught selling glue to kindergarteners 


On Florida man May 29th a Florida man was filmed selling glue to children under 4, at a private school in Florida. The Florida man was selling glue sticks for the intention of sniffing and getting high at the school gates, when he was caught and cornered by officers. 


The Florida man pleaded guilty for attempting to give substances to children, and was sentenced to 17 months in county court prison for the crime. The Florida man was heard telling the jury “I have a great time on glue, and these children have to deal with mandated uniforms and no fun, I just wanted to brighten up their lives”. 


We approached the jury for comments, but they refused to comment on this specific case.


Florida man May 29th 2020 – Florida man Marries Local Tree


On Florida man May 29th 2020 a Florida man wed a local oak tree when he heard it was due to be cut down for decking wood. The Florida man told authorities that he loved the tree and had done so since he was a child, and that the feeling was mutual. A priest conducted the ceremony early on May 29th, with 29 people in attendance for the ceremony in which the Florida man wed his dream tree. 


We’re still unsure of how the Florida man May 29th will consummate the marriage with the tre0e with it being in a public space, so it is possible that the marriage would be annulled and the tree cut down eventually anyway. 


Florida man May 29th 2021 – Florida man Poses Illegally As Police Officer


On Florida man May 29th 2021 a Florida man was arrested for riding his motorbike and posing as a police officer. The Florida man in question was tired of bad drivers on the roads around Florida, and took the law into his own hands with a DIY police uniform, and a terrible DIY paint job on his motorbike. 


The Florida man May 29th was quickly arrested for impersonating a police officer and sentenced to 10 years in jail for the crime. The Florida man was heard saying “the roads would be much safer with me on them in a uniform, none of these stupid drivers would get away with driving how they do now if I was on the force”. The Florida man was known for erratic bad behavior and had previously been charged with pointing a gun at others during road traffic collisions in the past. 


When looking into past events of the Florida man May 29th, it was found that he had a past history of impersonating several different official government body officers, including fire officers, CIA, FBI and tax officers.


Further investigations found that the Florida man May 29th also had been dressing as a police officer and demanding free goods at the local wallmart, including taking home a brand new assault rifle capable of catastrophic damage per clip.


When all the evidence was stacked together, the judge at the trial sentenced the Florida man May 29th to 37 years in prison, so that upon his exit he would no longer be of age to be able to impersonate into positions of power anymore.


Our Florida man May 29th thoughts


Man there are some wild people in the state of Florida. Marrying a tree, selling glue to children and impersonating police officers, you literally could not write this stuff. 


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